Q Acoustics 5050 is a new top model

The Q Acoustics 5050 completes the British speaker company's mid-range series.

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Q Acoustics 5050 is a new top model

British Q Acoustics is now completing its mid-range series, which was launched last spring. At the time, the range consisted of the 5040 floorstanding speaker, the 5010 and 5020 compact speakers and the 5090 centre speaker.

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Q Acoustics' new 5000 series closes the gap between the flagship Concept series and the cheaper 3000 series.

Now the top model 5050, a larger floorstanding speaker (one metre in height), is added to the range. Q Acoustics describes it as the flagship model that has the size, power and weight to bring your music to life. With its larger bass/midrange drivers, the 5050 promises to fill even the largest listening rooms with dynamic and natural sound.

Like its smaller siblings, the bass/midrange drivers in the 5050 feature Q Acoutics’ own C3 Continuous Curved Cone diaphragms (meaning the cone is bowl-shaped).

The tweeter is mounted “floating” from the cabinet. The two midwooefers have bowl-shaped cones. (Photo: Q Acoustics)

The models in the series also inherit cabinet and driver technology from the company’s more expensive Concept series. These include point to point bracing for bracing and helmholtz tube for equalising pressure differences inside the cabinet (floor models only). The Q Acoustics 5050 is available with wood veneers in rosewood and holme oak, as well as satin black and satin white.

The Q Acoustics 5050 is available with wood veneer in rosewood and holme oak, as well as satin black and satin white (Photo: Q Acoustics)

The Q Acoustics 5050 has two 6″ midwoofers. The tweeter is a 1″ dome unit that is mounted mechanically isolated from the front panel to counteract vibrations. The speaker has a frequency range of 37-30,000 Hz (-6 dB). The sensitivity is rated at 91.8 dB.

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The Q Acoustics 5020 are inexpensive, but look elegant and are packed with intricate details. Fortunately, they also sound great.

The Q Acoustics 5050 costs €1,699 for a pair.

More info: Q Acoustics.

The 5000 series consists of five models. (Photo: Q Acoustics)


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