Pro-Ject Speaker Box 3E

Low cost and easy to accommodate.

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Pro-Ject Speaker Box 3E

The important high-end trade fair in Munich is over. The thousands of square metres of expensive speakers and monster amplifiers attract more than 22,000 visitors over four days in May.

But it’s not all high-end. There’s plenty of much cheaper hi-fi at the high-end show, but we didn’t see these.

Maybe they’re too cheap, but that actually makes them more interesting for anyone who wants new speakers but doesn’t want to break the bank.

Photo: Pro-Ject

Available in two versions and starting at €200 for a pair, Speaker Box 3E are small, easy to place speakers that most people can afford and have room for. The cheapest is also the most affordable, and the speakers measure just 160 x 106 x 152 mm. They come with pre-drilled holes for wall mounts, which can be purchased separately.

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If you're willing to make compromises for the easiest possible operation, this is the turntable for you.

With a frequency range of 89 Hz – 20 kHz, the Speaker Box 3E combines an 8 cm woofer with a 19 mm dome tweeter.

Photo: Pro-Ject

The larger Speaker Box 3 E Carbon measures 175 x 119 x 152 mm, but here the woofer is equipped with a carbon fibre membrane and the speakers are fine-tuned for better sound. The price is €300 for a set, and like Speaker Box 3 E, it is available in black, white or walnut.

Speaker Box 3E-HG-white-angled Speaker Box 3E-HG-black-angled Speaker Box 3E-walnut-angled
Photo: Pro-Ject

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