High-end 2024: Raidho X2.6 – an elegant high-end floorstanding speaker

Danish Raidho expands its most affordable X-series with a new floorstaning model, the Raidho X2.6.

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High-end 2024: Raidho X2.6 – an elegant high-end floorstanding speaker

Raidho Acoustics announces the world premiere of its latest addition to the X Series, the Raidho X2.6. The X Series is Raidho’s base series, but still represents extreme performance. While €21,000 for a pair isn’t exactly affordable, the speaker has its heritage in the €230,000 TD6 reference model. Now that’s something to talk about!

The X2.6 was presented for the first time at the High End trade fair in Munich from 9 to 12 May and is now ready for production.

Raidho X2.6 Tweeter
Photo: Raidho

True to the music

Raidho’s ambitions for the X2.6 are in line with their other models: extremely low noise, negligible colouration, dramatic and energetic sound with a very wide soundstage and the ability to reproduce the smallest details without straining. The goal is a unique sonic holography where the sound seems to come out of nowhere, authentic and true to the source.

And judging from its little brother, the X1.6 floorstanding speaker, we have something to look forward to!

Ribbon tweeter

At the heart of the X2.6 is Raidho’s patented planar magnetic ribbon tweeter, a unique design developed and handcrafted entirely at the company in Denmark. The diaphragm itself is a foil that is only 11 micrometres thick – 50 times lighter than a conventional dome tweeter. The result, according to Raidho, is that there is virtually no resonance or distortion with an incredible breakup point of 82 kHz.

Ceramic woofers

To keep up with the lightning-fast treble, Raidho has developed ceramic woofers. The woofer is an aluminium diaphragm, which in itself is very rigid but has a distinct resonance. To eliminate this, the devices are coated with a thin layer of ceramic through a plasma process. This raises the first breakup point to 12.5 kHz, which Raidho says sets a new standard for component resonances.

Raidho X2.6 Crossover angle
Handmade crossovers. Photo: Raidho

The crossovers are handmade with internal cabling from Nordost – a detail rarely seen, even in this price range. The speakers do not rest on spikes, but on a cleverly constructed plinth with integrated damping, where the speaker itself rests on ceramic spheres that are not visible from the outside.

Raidho X2.6 back
Photo: Raidho

Raidho X2.6: Price and availability

At €21,000 per pair, the X2.6 is definitely not for everyone. But for audiophiles looking for an elegant, high-performance speaker with a unique sonic fingerprint, Raidho’s latest offering may be worth checking out. We can’t wait to hear if the X2.6 lives up to its ambitious goals when we get it in for testing.

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