High-end 2024: Epos ES-28

Floorstanding speakers from Fink Team.

written by / 2024-05-18 - 8:00 am
High-end 2024: Epos ES-28

Maybe you remember Epos and Karl-Heinz Fink taking over the rights and creating a new ES-14? Well, he did – and now there’s another speaker from the Fink Team, as the people behind Epos are known.

The small ES-14N gets a bigger relative in the ES-28N. Unmistakably Fink-ish with its faceted front baffle in 50 mm thickness, but with completely different characteristics. The tweeter is the same as in the 14, the midrange is a variant of the bass unit in the ES-7, and there are two bass units mounted in the lower half of the cabinet.

(Photo: Lasse Svendsen)

Karl-Heinz and the team have chosen two 7-inch drivers for the bass. They have the same magnet system and the curve is the same as in the ES-14N, but with a slimmer cone that can withstand more energy. The magnets have flux-stabilising aluminium rings (faraday rings) and the cone is mounted on a 36 mm voice coil.

The woofers are housed in a separate chamber with a bass reflex port on the underside, and according to Fink, the speakers reach down to 30 Hz.

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