“How can I save my little boy / From Oppenheimer’s deadly toy?” Sting sang in the song “Russians” in 1985 on his first solo album – a lyric that also inspired James Cameron to create the character John Connor for Terminator 2. You can’t separate weapons of mass destruction like nuclear and hydrogen bombs from …

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Bruce Springsteen Tour 2023

When did the coronavirus pandemic actually end and we returned to normality? Was it when the health ministers declared communities reopened? When the last remnants of the face mask ban were removed? When we could drop corona passports for travelling within the EU? When beer was once again flowing on outdoor cafés? When we all …

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Citadel, seaon 1

What do you get if you take a solid dose of Mission: Impossible, then spice it up with some Jason Bourne and James Bond and finally add a dash of Kingsman? Well, Prime Video’s new blockbuster Citadel. The action-loving Russo brothers (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Endgame) are the producers behind the concept. A …

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Avatar – The Way of Water

For 13 (!) years the water has been running steadily under the bridge, since the completely uncompromising, slightly legendary, director James Cameron presented to the world his dream world on a distant planet populated by giant, nature-friendly blue giants. Known as the Na’vi. The eccentric Canadian director single-handedly introduced the 3D format as a pop …

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House of the Dragon, season 1

The biggest series success of all time, the epic fantasy drama Game of Thrones, will of course be built upon. The saga of power struggles, bloodshed, intrigue, bloodshed, conspiracies, bloodshed and sex orgies in the seven kingdoms of Westeros became one of the most popular series ever in terms of viewership; the final episode of …

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She-Hulk, season 1

In 2003, Eric Bana (Hulk, directed by Ang Lee) had the honour of bringing the green man with anger management issues, the Hulk, into the modern age. However, just five years later, Bana was replaced by Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk, which marked the start of “Phase 1” of the Marvel universe. But like …

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Svart krabbe 14

Black Crab

Netflix has built up an extensive catalogue of Nordic films and series, but unfortunately not all of them are equally entertaining. The Swedish thriller Black Crab is definitely at the lower end of the quality scale. The script, written by director Adam Berg, is based on a dystopian novel by Jerker Virdborg and takes us …

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Mord pa Nilen 1

Death on the Nile

In the 1973 version of the Agatha Christie classic Death on the Nile, it was Peter Ustinov and Lois Chiles who portrayed the Belgian master detective Hercule Poirot and the stone-rich socialite Linnet Ridgeway, who met their unfortunate fate on board a luxury ship on exotic Nile. Legendary Mia Farrow had the role of the …

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Walt Disney has made a goldmine out of filming its most famous cartoon classics. But instead of a pure live remake, we get Cruella’s origin story of one of Disney’s most famous villains, in a kind of (p)reboot of 101 Dalmatians.   From animation to live action The new recordings, in live action version, of …

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League

With the big movie Justice League (2017), Warner and DC Comics were finally set to take up the fight with the much larger Marvel from the Disney group. Artistic disagreement There were probably many among the Warner management who were surprised (even disappointed) at how dark director Zack Snyder did the duel between the DC …

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Exit Season 2

One of the Nordic region’s biggest series successes comes from the Norwegian state TV channel, NRK itself, and on top of it all, it is a very controversial series. Greed is (still) good! Season 1 premiered in the autumn of 2019, and, like the first season, the plot and the sequel are based on in-depth …

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The Crown Season 4

With its fourth season of the most expensive TV series of all time,  Netflix is once again succeeds in telling an engaging story about real people from our recent history in The Crown Season 4.   The Iron Lady We have come to the 1980s, where the “The Iron Lady”, Margareth Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) makes …

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The thriller legend in persona, Sir Alfred Hitchcock directed Rebecca in 1940 – he apparently hated the film. Now Netflix is producing a remake of the thriller classic..   The film script is based on the novel (of the same name) by Daphne Du Maurier, and has been filmed countless times, including as a TV …

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