All personal information is handled through Media Digital.


Media Digital delivers comprehensive circulation services to Publishers in Norway. On behalf of our customers, we store and manage personal information and we thus have a role as a data processor for our customers.

In order to send out physical publications and demand payment, it is necessary to store information such as name and address information. For digital publications it is necessary to store e-mail (user) and password. E-mails and mobile numbers are also stored for use in operating messages, newsletters and other communication.

The information is stored in a database locally at Media Digital AS. We take information security and privacy seriously. The information is well technically protected and backup is run daily. No personal information is shared with others unless absolutely necessary.

In connection with the distribution of physical publications, invoices, etc. name and address will have to be shared with distribution partners out of sheer necessity to get the assignment done.

Subscribers can gain access and change the information by using “My Page” on our customers’ website, or contact the customer themselves.

Upon termination of the subscription relationship and unless otherwise agreed, Media Digital will delete all personal data no later than 12 months after the termination date.

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The vast majority of websites today use so-called cookies to improve the user experience. A cookie is a text file that, when visiting or interacting with a web page, is stored in your browser’s internal memory. With new legislation and new EU rules for information collection and privacy, there have been new rules regarding information regarding cookies. Here you will find information about how we use cookies on
The Electronic Communications Act requires that Lyd & Bilde inform our visitors about the use of cookies. We quote from the legislation:

§ 2-7b Use of cookies

Storing information in the user’s communication equipment, or gaining access to such, is not permitted without the user being informed of what information is being processed, the purpose of the processing, who is processing the information, and has consented to this. The first sentence does not preclude technical storage of or access to information:

  • solely for the purpose of transmitting communications in an electronic communications network
  • which is necessary to provide an information society service at the express request of the user.

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