It may soon be illegal to drive an electric car in Switzerland

In countries across Europe, fears of an energy crisis with blackouts in the coming winter are high. Not only in Germany, but also in the wealthy alpine country of Switzerland, emergency plans are being made to ensure the best possible power supply. The Swiss parliament is currently working on a draft law with the colloquial … Read more

Rotel S14 streaming amplifier

The Rotel S14 is a brand new streaming amplifier, just plug in speakers and you have a full stereo system with everything included. That is, the Rotel S14 lacks an HDMI input, nor does it have a turntable input. But it does have an analogue input that can be used for a turntable with built-in … Read more

Birthday speaker from Polk

50 years have passed since Matthew Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross, then students at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, began building loudspeakers together. Five decades later, the company is still going strong. And it’s celebrating with a collector’s edition of the Polk RA-200 loudspeaker. The new R200AE is signed by Matthew Polk himself, … Read more

Get ready for Dial of Destiny

We have waited a long time. But 30 June 2023 will be the Big Popcorn Day in cinemas. That’s when Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will premiere. And now Lucasfilm/Disney have unleashed the first short film trailer. The fifth film in the series has been delayed several times due to the Corona epidemic, … Read more

Rega Elex MK4: Finally with digital inputs

Rega isn’t known for launching newfangled products at every opportunity, so when they do, there’s usually a reason for it. The integrated Elex-R we tested back in 2016, and for the price it did a lot of things right. It mimicked high-end audio with great conviction, and the only things we could point to were … Read more

Mission DAC for your desktop

Mission is a name that most of us geeks have known since our youth (that was quite some time ago). The company is now part of the International Audio Group, but in 2022 has resumed hi-fi production on English soil. Among other things, in the form of a new version of the speaker classic Mission … Read more

Yamaha will caress your ears – and drain your bank account

Yamaha has produced the ultra-deep YH-5000SE as a strong demonstration of its sound philosophy, which it calls True Sound. It’s about reproducing music as naturally as possible, but not necessarily as neutrally as possible. Instead, the hi-fi department and the music department have collaborated towards what they call a common sound ideal, where the goal … Read more

Totally flat phantom speakers from DALI

If you want sound that can’t be seen or doesn’t take up space, in-ceiling or in-wall speakers can be the solution. And of course they’re ideal for height channels in the home cinema. But space above the ceiling is often limited. The DALI Phantom K-60 LP is a built-in speaker for installations where installation depth … Read more

Sennheiser delivers the sound in Morgan’s new classic sports cars

Morgan Plus, you ask? Yeah, listen. No car manufacturer is like England’s Morgan Motor Company. Founded in 1910, the company has retained much of the aesthetic of the cars of its day. Including an ash wood frame, clad in aluminium. Morgan makes true luxury sports cars, and only has the capacity to hand-build about 850 … Read more

McIntosh with Roon support

Most McIntosh amplifiers, preamplifiers and integrated, have a digital module with a digital converter – DAC – where you can connect digital audio sources. But McIntosh has not had a standalone DAC before this one. The MDA200 is simply McIntosh’s digital module with DAC, the DA2, packaged in a cabinet with its own power supply. … Read more

Hi-Fi nostalgia for the well-off

Nostalgia is in hi-fi like never before. At high end fairs, you’ll see designs that look like they came from the 1950s and 60s. Valve amps are on the rise, and on the speaker front, forgotten technologies like back loading horns and open baffles with full-range drivers have been revived. Few have as high a … Read more

Audio Pro Link2 gives you easy and inexpensive streaming

Audio Pro Link2 is a simple and affordable way to get streaming. The little box plugs into your system and you can then stream music via the Ethernet input, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It also has an analogue stereo input for other audio sources, such as a CD player, turntable or other items. You can connect … Read more

The Sound Burger is back

Sony’s Walkman made music portable in 1979. But serious music lovers couldn’t settle for cassette tapes, of course. Audio Technica’s Sound Burger made the turntable portable in 1983. And now, 39 years later, it’s available again. If you’re quick. Audio Technica, best known for their pickups and headphones, is celebrating their 60th anniversary by putting … Read more

Pro-Ject BT Box E HD

If you want to stream music to a system that doesn’t have a wireless connection, there are several options. The easiest is to buy a Chromecast, or a simple Bluetooth receiver that can be bought cheaply. This gives you the convenience of streaming music from your mobile phone over the stereo, but you may not … Read more

Ruark Audio R2 MK4

English Ruark Audio has long been among the best at making table radios with good sound. This one is hardly an exception. The radio, which also has built-in Bluetooth, is Ruark’s fourth table radio. With even better sound, if you believe Alan O’Rourke, who thinks an R2 radio is the perfect companion to your morning … Read more

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