Moon Knight 1

New Marvel-trailer: Moon Knight

After Walt Disney bought the Marvel studio, the launches of new movies have come close as hail. And after Disney+ was launched, the same has been the case with TV series from the MCU universe. It’s been less than two months since we saw Jeremy Renner in his first Marvel starring role in Hawkeye. Now … Read more

DAgostino-Momentum-M400-MxV-L&B scaled

Super-expensive Dan D’Agostino amplifiers get even better

There are amplifiers, then there are high-end amplifiers, and then there are ultra high-end amplifiers. Which is where we find Dan D’Agostino, who has long since left Krell – who he helped start up – and who now produces hi-fi under his own name. Nothing that bears that name is cheap. Last year we wrote … Read more

Headphones for everyone at CES

There is no fair without sound, and it came as no surprise that we got to see new headphones at the CES show. The greatest focus was on completely wireless earbuds and gaming headsets, but headphones with active noise cancellation were abundant. And some more whimsical of the sort, it should turn out. True wireless … Read more

Mark Levinson ML-50

When you turn 50, of course, that calls for a celebration. Mark Levinson does so with a pair of amplifiers that we would like to own, but the price tag makes the ML-50 an amplifier set for the very few. In addition, they are only built in 100 pairs, so you will hardly find them … Read more

Wireless CD player with radio and network

At Technics, they have found a hole in the range, which the new SA-C600 will cover. It is a versatile network player, with a built-in CD player – and turntable input for MM. The idea is that the SA-C600 will act as a sound source and amplifier for a pair of speakers, or be inserted … Read more

Wireless headphones with crystal clear sound

Many manufacturers are fighting to make the best noise-canceling wireless headphones. So far, Sony and Bose have succeeded well, but so have Beyerdynamic, B&O and not least Apple. However, in a higher price range. But Technics also want to get involved, and they are launching the EAH-A800 for the time being without a suggested retail … Read more

It’s official: Here are Samsung’s 2022 TV-models

The CES show in Las Vegas is this week, and Samsung is among the first manufacturers to unveil brand new TV models for 2022. The South Korean manufacturer claims, as usual, important advances in both picture and sound quality, as well such as ease of use and design. The news includes, among other things, ultra … Read more

Acer chromebooks for home and work

Acer’s first launch at CES 2022 is about Chromebooks. Both for home use and work. Two of them are in a traditional laptop format, while the third has a 360-degree hinge. All three Chromebooks promise to have the latest audio and video technology, to make multitasking and productivity effective for both students, hybrid workers and … Read more

Piega ACE 50 Wireless & Piega ACE 30 Wireless

They’ve done it before, but back then we were not that excited. For the previous attempt to make the speakers wireless stranded on the fact that high-definition streaming was lacking. There was nothing wrong with the speakers themselves, but Bluetooth is not hi-fi. Now it seems that Piega has taken the criticism to heart, and … Read more

Focal On Wall 300 speakers

If you want better home theater sound than a soundbar can provide, separate speakers is the way to go. But if you do not want to give up so much space, a set of good wall-mount speakers can be a nice compromise. At least that is the opinion of Focal, which has launched the On … Read more

McIntosh wireless speakers with high definition sound

You may have seen them before, but not in these versions. The McIntosh RS250 and the more compact RS150 have been upgraded with built-in support for even more streaming services. And now they support high-resolution audio up to 24 bit / 192 kHz and have Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 5 with … Read more

Double-patty BigMc preamp

They could of course have built all of this into a single, large cabinet. But in a preamplifier, the voltages are low and the electronics sensitive. So therefore, there may be a benefit from splitting it into two cabinets. Doing so will of course be more expensive, but in this – huge – price range … Read more

Tidal goes all-in on Hi-Fi

Since 2013, the streaming service Tidal has offered its customers the option to listen to music in CD quality. And so far, the users have paid handsomely for this: A hi-fi subscription has cost £19.99 a month, while the standard subscription for £9.99 only has been offering music in 320 kbps AAC. Startning now, however, … Read more

Honorary Award: Dynaudio

Denmark is a small, flat country without majestic mountains. But on the hi-fi world map, Denmark stands out. And one of the most well-known Danish hi-fi manufacturers is Dynaudio, which is recognized all over the world. Dynaudio makes some of the very best living room speakers in the heavy high-end class – among them the … Read more

Ascendo SMSG50 plays Richter scale bass

A subwoofer is a popular upgrade to both hi-fi and home theater systems, as it will give the sound an extra dimension, and expand the frequency range with bass that you can both hear and feel. They come in all sizes and price ranges, from the small, affordable bass chunks the size of a shoebox, … Read more