Turntable with a green conscience and Bluetooth

The Lenco LBT-335BA wireless turntable strikes an eco-friendly chord. The plinth is bamboo, the platter mat is cork - and the tonearm is rich in fibre.

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Turntable with a green conscience and Bluetooth

If you’re tired of walnut veneer or just want to demonstrate that you have a sustainable mindset, Lenco has the turntable for you. The Lenco LBT-335BA is a belt-driven Bluetooth turntable that combines technology with eco-friendly (and cool) design.

The Lenco LBT-335BA has an FSC-certified solid bamboo plinth and Ortofon 2M Red pickup. There’s a built-in RIAA amplifier, so the turntable can also be used on systems without a phono input. In fact, it can be used without any amplifier inputs at all, as there’s also Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Finally, there’s also a USB output that allows you to convert vinyl to digital on PC or Mac.

LBT_335BA_Image 4 LBT_335BA_Image 3
The tonearm is made of carbon fibre and the platter is made of cork. (Photo: Lenco)

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing woods (well, actually it’s a grass), which counts well on the sustainability front. But according to Lenco, bamboo also has excellent acoustic properties, promising that its natural resonance contributes to the clarity and warmth of the sound being played. Hopefully in the form of a lack of resonance, we presume.

The platter mat is also made of low-resonance natural materials, namely cork. The tonearm is Lenco’s own, and made of carbon fibre. The Lenco LBT-335BA comes with a 45 RPM adapter, RCA and USB cables and a removable cover.

Price and availability

The Lenco LBT-335BA is available to buy now. The price is listed at €449.

(Photo: Lenco)


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