NAD C 379 is a new hybrid amplifier

NAD C 379 is a new integrated amplifier that handles all signal sources.

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NAD C 379 is a new hybrid amplifier

The High End trade fair in Munich hasn’t even started yet, but launches are already pouring in before the doors open.

NAD Electronics has announced a new amplifier in the Classic series, the C 379 HybridDigital DAC Amplifier.

The amplifier is built over a Class D output stage. The digital conversion is done with the recognised ESS SABRE DAC. And the amplifier is expandable with second generation Modular Design Construction (MDC) plug-in cards.

(Photo: NAD)

The output stage of the NAD C 379 is a specially designed UcD HybridDigital module that delivers 80 watts continuous power into 8 and 4 ohms. The C 379 can also be paired with the C 268 stereo power amplifier in a fully balanced configuration for 300 watts of continuous power.

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The NAD C658 contains more than what is apparent from the looks. Behind the gray facade hides a versatile preamplifier, DAC and streaming receiver that can also control your listening room.

The NAD C 379’s high-efficiency power supply uses less than half the power of conventional amplifiers in the same class, which must mean it’s switched mode.

Covers all signal sources

‘The NAD C 379 is in a class of its own, integrating all the essential components of a high-performance music system and accommodating all music sources from vinyl to digital streaming,’ says Cas Oostvogel, Product Manager at NAD Electronics.

The digital circuitry is built around the renowned 32-bit ESS SABRE ES9028 DAC. It’s a choice this editor can only applaud, as I’ve encountered many highly musical digital converters with that particular chip.

The NAD C 379 covers a wide range of signal sources. And the two MDC expansion slots provide interesting opportunities in the price range (Photo: NAD)

On the back are two expansion slots for NAD’s MDC modules, allowing you to upgrade the amplifier’s capabilities with new features and A/V technologies. These include BluOS multi-room streaming and Dirac Live room correction.

However, the NAD C 379 comes factory equipped with a range of analogue and digital connectivity options, including aptX HD Bluetooth, HDMI eARC, MM Phono stage and two independent subwoofer outputs.

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The NAD C 3050 LE is a near-perfect replica of the amplifier that defined NAD design. Is this just new wine in old bottles?

Price and availability

The NAD C 379 will be available at the end of June 2024. The price in Europe is € 1,199.


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