High-end 2024: Pro-Ject streamer

Connects to the speakers.

written by / 2024-05-19 - 12:00 pm
High-end 2024: Pro-Ject streamer

The small box that Heinz Lichtenegger from Pro-Ject is holding in his hand is a streaming amplifier. Yes, that’s right. Made with the help of the people behind Wiim, it connects directly to the speaker terminals.

There’s a small amplifier built in to drive the speakers and a Wi-Fi streaming module that you control with an app on your mobile phone.

(Photo: Lasse Svendsen)

The streaming amplifier, shown here on a pair of Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5 S2, uses an external power supply and can be connected to most speakers with standard cable terminals on the back.

Lichtenegger believes it’s a low-cost solution that makes good speakers active while giving the user the benefit of streaming.

As he puts it:

It’s better to create a smart solution for an already good pair of speakers than to waste money on a Bluetooth speaker.’

(Photo: Lasse Svendsen)

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