High-End 2024: Ortofon Concorde Music

Ortofon is bringing the Concorde series back to life.

written by / 2024-05-17 - 10:00 am
High-End 2024: Ortofon Concorde Music

DJs will definitely remember Ortofon’s Concorde pickups. The slightly sloping pickup’s narrow shape is easily recognisable, and with a removable pickup housing, changing pickups is a breeze.

The Ortofon Concorde hasn’t just been the domain of DJs, there have also been pickups for home use in the same series, but now there’s a brand new one called Ortofon Concorde Music.

(Photo: Lasse Svendsen)

The pickup is of the moving magnet type and based on the 2M series with the same colours indicating which model it is. Ortofon Concorde Music Red is the entry-level model at 150 euros, for 100 euros more you get Blue, which has a better needle, followed by Bronze and Black with an even better needle, suspension and sharper grind.

(Photo: Lasse Svendsen)

At the top of the line-up is the LVB 250 for 999 euros. It is based on the 2M model of the same name.

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