Beyerdynamic Verio 200: Open earbuds offer a new way of listening

Beyerdynamic has unveiled its latest creation, the Verio 200 earplugs. Which stand out from others with their open design.

By / 25 June 2024 - 9:02 am
Beyerdynamic Verio 200: Open earbuds offer a new way of listening

With the Verio 200, Beyerdynamic challenges conventional thinking around earplugs. Rather than isolating the user, the open design allows a controlled amount of ambient sound to penetrate. This should provide a more natural listening experience, and at the same time ensure the user’s safety and awareness of their surroundings.

“With the VERIO 200, we want to break down the barrier between the listener and the outside world,” says Dr. Anna Schmidt, chief engineer at Beyerdynamic. “Our vision is to offer an audio experience that enriches, rather than replaces, the user’s daily life.”

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Foto: Beyerdynamic

Advanced audio technology meets ease of use

At the heart of the Verio 200 is Beyerdynamic’s patented True Response driver technology. With a frequency response of a whopping 5 Hz to 40 kHz, these earbuds promise a sound reproduction that is both precise and rich.

Comfort is central, with comfortable materials, ergonomically designed ear tips and a light ear hoop for a secure fit.

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Ill: Beyerdynamic

Sound quality seriously

The Verio 200 supports sound-enhancing codecs such as aptX HD, and AAC is also in place for iPhone users.

In addition, the earplugs have a multi-point connection, so that they can be connected to two devices at the same time. Both mobile and tablet, for example.

Two integrated microphones with so-called cVc technology (without further explaining what this means) should ensure top voice quality during calls, also outdoors and in relatively noisy environments. Outside noise is detected and filtered out, to send the voice clearly and distinctly to the receiver at the other end.

There is also an app with personal sound customization and EQ settings.

Competitors exist

Although open earbuds are quite special, they are nothing new. And then we are not talking about the plastic earplugs from the 1980s and 1990s, but the fact that several people have already started to launch open plugs again. Sony was probably first, with its LinkBuds. Then we have Huawei, JBL and Bose, which all have their own models. Apple will also launch updated AirPods in September , and it wouldn’t surprise us if an open variant is on the way there.

Nevertheless, open earplugs are still relatively narrow, as noise cancellation is still among consumers’ most desired functions in earplugs. Open earplugs do the opposite.

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Photo: Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic Verio 200: Availability and price

The Verio 200 can be ordered from 1 July 2024, with a suggested retail price of 199 euros. 

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