Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro: Decode your brain!

Yes, you heard that right. That's what Master & Dynamic promises with their MW75 Neuro headphones. Are we looking at a revolution here?

By / 27 December 2023 - 8:00 am
Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro: Decode your brain!

If you’ve dreamed of superpowers like telepathy or mind reading, the Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro could take you one step closer. In a potentially groundbreaking collaboration with neurotechnology company Neurable, the American headphone manufacturer has launched what is claimed to be the world’s first commercially available mind-reading headphones.

Well, almost, that is. The futuristic MW75 Neuro headphones are equipped with sensors in hydrophobic (water-resistant) fabric that pick up the electrical signals your brain sends out. Using advanced artificial intelligence, the brainwaves are interpreted to give you invaluable insights into focus, stress and productivity.

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Measures when you’re at your sharpest

Imagine if your headphones could actually tell you when you’re at the peak of your performance and focus, and when you should take a break or stop working for the day. That’s exactly what MW75 Neuro promises to do.

By analysing data about your brainwaves in real-time, the headphones will identify periods when your focus level is at its peak – whether it’s in the morning with a cup of coffee or late at night. They’ll also tell you when your brain needs a well-deserved break to avoid burnout.

Over time, the Neurables software will build up a database of focus trends so you can optimise your routines and plan the most productive hours of the day. In other words, the goal is for you to get to know your own brain on a whole new level!

Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro black side
(Photo: Master & Dynamic)

Avoid distractions

Another stroke of genius of the MW75 Neuro is its ability to minimise distractions when you need to be super focused. As soon as the headphones detect that you’re “in the zone”, noise cancellation and “Do Not Disturb” mode on your phone is automatically activated.

This way you can enjoy deep concentration without being interrupted by phone messages, calls or background noise.

It could very well be the dawn of a new era in personalised wearable technology!

Promises premium sound

While the brainwave technology is what really sets the MW75 Neuro apart, Master & Dynamic promises that they haven’t compromised on sound quality. After all, there’s already a noise-cancelling MW75 on the market, and we reckon the new Neuro variant is sonically identical.

That means 40 mm beryllium tweeters, active noise cancellation, multipoint Bluetooth 5.2 and a battery life of up to 32 hours. Add to that a luxurious design in premium materials like aluminium, leather and tempered glass that makes the MW75 Neuro look like an unconventional piece of head jewellery. Based on our testing of the older MW60, we’d guess that the sound is certainly top-notch too.

Tuning the sound with your brain?

Here’s a fresh suggestion from us: Could the brain activity measurements also be used to adjust the sound balance according to the user’s own preferences? This would probably require a huge amount of computing power and probably involve the headphones being connected to the internet via WiFi so that they can communicate with a supercomputer. It can then do the calculations needed to create a customised filter and save it as a file that is downloaded to the headphones. It’s complicated, but hardly impossible.

Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro all colors 2
(Photo: Master & Dynamic)

Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro: Price and availability

The groundbreaking Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro is available for pre-order now, with expected delivery in the first quarter of 2024. The starting price is set at $649 and so far production numbers are limited.

Europeans who want to book will have to use an intermediary service like JetCarrier, as the headphones will initially only be shipped to the US and Canada.

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