HiFiMAN Svanar Wireless LE: Refined sound in a simpler format

HiFiMAN has taken the most important qualities from the top model Svanar Wireless and put them into a scaled-down and more affordable model, Svanar Wireless LE.

By / 29 November 2023 - 8:00 am
HiFiMAN Svanar Wireless LE: Refined sound in a simpler format

HiFiMAN, makers of some of the best headphones we know, don’t just cut cables for the sake of comfort and well-being. They want their earbuds to rival the most refined systems in pure sound quality.

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So it’s perhaps not surprising that their top wireless model, Svanar Wireless, costs around €500. With a unique and luxurious look, where the part of the housing that rests against the skin is covered in carbon fibre, and with the excellent LDAC Bluetooth codec for the best possible sound transmission.

Scaled-down top model

Now the Chinese manufacturer wants to make the qualities of Svanar Wireless available to a wider audience with the Svanar Wireless LE. A lot is comparable, but the price has been reduced by as much as 40 per cent. One thing you miss out on is the LDAC codec, so we’re left with AAC again. It’s fine, but not quite high end worthy if you ask us. The carbon fibre has also been removed on the LE version.

HifiMAN svanar wireless le
Foto: HiFiMAN

Topology Diaphragm

The drivers in the Svanar Wireless LE use a so-called Topology Diaphragm. The claim is that diaphragms coated with nanoparticles will provide a higher level of detail than is normally associated with wireless hearing aids.

Sumptuous DAC

A sophisticated digital converter, which HiFiMAN calls Hymalaya, is at the heart of the sound reproduction and we are promised superior sound quality compared to the standard DACs found in other wireless receivers. Together with an equally well-thought-out amplifier module, we are promised that the Svanar Wireless LE has a more natural sound than the competition. Whether you’re streaming music from your mobile phone, tablet or digital music player.

Noise cancellation

Like the top model, the Svanar Wireless LE features active noise cancellation with so-called Deep Noise Cancellation, which should accurately identify and eliminate noise up to -35 dB. With an IPX5 rating, they are also quite waterproof and can withstand both rain and sweat through hours of activity.

The frequency response is rated at 10Hz-35kHz and the amplifier power is a whopping 45mW, which is a lot for a pair of earbuds. Battery life is rated at 4-7 hours depending on use, and the case provides three extra charges.

Eight pairs of ear tips are included so you can get the best possible fit for your ears.

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Photo: HiFiMAN

HiFiMAN Svanar Wireless LE: Price and availability

The HiFiMAN Svanar Wireless LE costs $299 and is available now via HiFiMAN’s own website. It is expected to hit the shelves soon at selected retailers, including Amazon

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