Ridiculously cheap from HiFiMAN

HiFiMAN TWS450: Suspiciously cheap?

HiFiMAN is known for its premium hi-fi headphones, but surprises with the absurdly cheap TWS450 earbuds.

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HiFiMAN TWS450: Suspiciously cheap?

Anyone interested in high-quality hi-fi headphones, also known as head-fi, will be familiar with HiFiMAN. The Chinese manufacturer, which has hardly made a bad pair of headphones, covers the entire premium class, all the way up to the perversely expensive Shangri-la for over $50.000!

And so, it’s practically inconceivable that HiFiMAN has launched the TWS450 for the price of a phone case. At just 39 dollars.

HiFiMAN TWS450 water resistant IPX4-topaz
HiFiMAN TWS450 is IPX4 certified. (Photo: HiFiMAN)

HIFIMAN TWS450 for the volume market

The goal is to bring HIFIMAN’s distinctive sound quality to a wider market. Despite the low price, HiFiMAN promises that the TWS450 meets their criteria for a quality product. That these are high-quality dynamic drivers and that the sound characteristics are equivalent to the manufacturer’s more expensive products.

With an IPX4 rating, the TWS450 is sweat and moisture resistant, and with a total battery life of up to 20 hours, they should last a few days. They promise 5 hours of continuous playtime before needing to be charged in the case.

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Hifiman Sundara is not only the best buy in this class, you also get the best sound.

Bluetooth 5.3 should ensure a stable connection and the AAC codec provides a better starting point for sound quality than the standard SBC (Sub Band Codec).w

HiFiMAN TWS450 noise cancellation calls-topaz
Advanced noise reduction is used to ensure clearer conversations (Photo: HiFiMAN)

Crisp conversations

When we first read that HiFiMAN uses so-called ENC Deep Noise Cancellation, we nearly fell out of our seats, thinking that the earbuds at that price would have active noise cancellation for music. But they don’t.

What they do have is active noise cancellation of the microphone sound for conversations. HiFiMAN uses artificial intelligence to filter out distracting noise and emphasize human voices. This makes the TWS450 ideal for phone and video calls, even in noisy environments.

HiFiMAN TWS450 4-topaz HiFiMAN TWS450 3-topaz HiFiMAN TWS450 2-topaz HiFiMAN TWS450 1-topaz
(Photo: HiFiMAN)

HiFiMAN TWS450: Price and availability

The HiFiMAN TWS450 earbuds are ready to order now, but currently only through the HiFiMAN online store. The price, as mentioned, is $39, but there’s a catch. Shipping is extra, which increases the price here to about $70 in the Nordics.

Let’s hope that these earbuds make it to the local retailers, which might bring the price down a bit.

More info: hifiman.com

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Ridiculously cheap from HiFiMAN

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