The Final earbuds with “8K sound”

The flagship ZE8000 MK2 earbuds and new noise cancelling headphones arrive just in time for Christmas.

By / 14 December 2023 - 8:00 am
The Final earbuds with “8K sound”

Final, which has no connection to the Dutch Final Audio elektrostatic loudspeakers, is launching two offerings for sound in your ears in time for the festive season.

Final ZE8000 MK2 w case
(Photo: Final)

Final ZE8000 MK2 earbud flagship

The noise cancelling flagship of Final’s earbuds, the ZE8000, comes in an MK2 version. With several updates, including more options to customise the noise reduction – or the ambient sound. Now you can even switch it off completely, which makes you wonder why that wasn’t possible before.

8K audio?

Someone at Final seems to have figured out that 8K is a hot topic. But, as most people know, it’s in TV and pictures. So get ready for 8K audio!

We have absolutely no idea what Final means by “8K audio”. And it is not explained anywhere, other than that the earbuds have an 8K Sound audio mode. Maybe it means the frequency range goes to 8 kHz?

But at least now the earbuds have “8000” in their name. However, we still suspect that Final has simply jumped on a clever buzzword on a somewhat shallow basis.

In any case, the earbuds support aptX Adaptive, which also includes the aptX HD codec with up to 24-bit/96 kHz. However, while this is called “high resolution”, it’s not lossless audio quality at all, as it requires aptX Lossless, which only works up to 16-bit/44.1 kHz. Also known as the Redbook standard or CD quality.

Final ZE8000 MK2 2
(Photo: Final)

But more importantly, if you’re like me, the new model has a 5 dB higher maximum sound level than its predecessor. Too many earbuds reach their maximum potential before it starts to get really fun, and we like the fact that the user has the option to go the extra mile. So we don’t care what various EU directives say on the subject!

The Final ZE8000 MK2 also features multipoint connectivity and beamforming microphones that provide clearer sound from the user’s voice during calls.

Battery life is rated at 5 hours, with two additional charges from the case.

(Photo: Final)

Final UX2000 noise cancelling headphones

Far cheaper than the earbuds are the new Final UX2000 noise cancelling headphones.

Final promises that we get many of the qualities of its big brother UX3000, with a new design and a newly developed low delay mode. So audio and video are synchronised when you’re gaming or watching video on your mobile phone.

The UX2000 has hybrid noise cancellation, which listens both on the outside and inside of the ear cups. Up to 45 hours of playback time is plenty and the headphones are foldable.

Final ZE8000 MK2 and UX2000: Price and availability

Both models have just been launched. However, we haven’t yet seen them for sale in physical stores here, but prices are listed at 330 euros for the ZE8000 MK2 and 109 euros for the UX2000.

Enjoy the full press release about ZE8000 MK2 og UX2000.

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