Meze Audio Alba: Affordable earbuds with hi-fi ambitions

Meze Audio makes a lot of expensive headphones, but Alba, on the other hand, is a reasonable pair of earbuds. But here there is still reason to have high expectations.

By / 25 June 2024 - 8:52 am
Meze Audio Alba: Affordable earbuds with hi-fi ambitions

The Meze Audio Alba is a pair of in-ear headphones, which promise to bring high-quality sound to a wider audience than its much more expensive big brother Advar . The name Alba, which means “first light” in Romanian, should give us a gateway to Meze Audio’s signature sound.

Photo: Meze Audio

Alba is made for both aesthetics and functionality. The earplugs have an iridescent surface, which gives them a mother-of-pearl feel, while the construction itself should be extra durable in a zinc alloy coated with anodised aluminium.

In terms of sound, Alba promises “a neutral profile with a hint of warmth”. With a 10.8 mm dynamic driver and a frequency range of 15 Hz to 25 kHz, Alba aims to give us a vivid and detailed sound experience.

Meze-Audio-Alba-IEM-05 copy
Photo: Meze Audio

An interesting feature is the included USB-C adapter with built-in DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter). This adapter, developed by Meze himself, makes it possible to connect the Alba to any music source with a USB-C connection, including the latest iPhone 15. The adapter also has an LED indicator that lights up when properly connected.

Alba comes with four sizes of silicone pads to ensure a good fit and seal. The earbuds have an impedance of 32 Ω at 1 kHz and a sound pressure level of 109 dB SPL/V at 1 kHz, which promises good efficiency and dynamics.

Photo: Meze Audio

Meze Audio Alba: Price and Availability

With a price of 159 euros, the Alba is, for example, a good deal more affordable than the fierce competitor Sennheiser IE 300 . In other words, it is a reasonable option for audio enthusiasts who want to upgrade the sound quality from their wireless earbuds, but without having to invest in an expensive high-end model.

Alba is available now through Meze Audio’s website, and we expect to see them in selected retailers in this country very soon.

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