Marantz Model M1 streaming amplifier

100W and lossless audio

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Marantz Model M1 streaming amplifier

For the average user, a simple amplifier with integrated smartphone music streaming is enough to get the job done. The compact Wiim Amp is a perfect example of this, and if you require additional connectivity and features, the Marantz Model 40n can be a great alternative.

The same goes for the new Marantz Model M1, a compact streaming amplifier in the same style as the Wiim Amp.

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All you need is this amp and a pair of great speakers, and you've got a fabulous system.

(Image: Marantz)

Offering a solid 100W of power per channel, the slim M1 can do network streaming, either wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable. It supports popular services like Spotify Connect and Apple users can enjoy Airplay 2.

The HEOS streaming platform is well-known from other Denon and Marantz products and everything can be controlled via a mobile app.

(Image: Marantz)

If you turn the compact amplifier around, you’ll find an analog input for alternate sources and a subwoofer output. There’s also an HDMI eARC for connecting TV audio with Dolby Digital+ and an optical input for a digital audio source.

The signal processing is digital and the M1 makes use of Marantz Musical Digital Filtering for better sound and it supports 24-bit/192kHz audio files. Marantz says the M1 will get support for Tidal Connect and Roon in a later update.

The amplifier is also “Sound Master” tuned for better audio in the spirit of Marantz and is actually built at Shirakawa Audio Works in Japan, not China.

The price is expected to be around 1000 USD and the amplifier will be available in June.

(Image: Marantz)
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With built-in streaming and great sound, this little Wiim amplifier is a real bargain for the price.

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