Fenja is a highly ambitious Danish high end debut

The Danish SV-audio haven't been short on promises. But their design also looks very promising.

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Fenja is a highly ambitious Danish high end debut

Denmark is a country with plenty of hi-fi manufacturers, and particularly many speaker companies. Storgaard & Vestskov – or SV-audio – is one of the newest, and they are also among the most ambitious.

Fenja is the company’s third model and their first floorstanding speaker. And it’s described by the manufacturer as nothing less than “a true star in terms of sound reproduction”.

Only time will tell if that’s the case, and we’ll definitely be testing one or more of their models.

In fact, a couple of years ago I had the opportunity to hear one of the designer’s first speakers and it was very promising. But the level of ambition and craftsmanship has risen considerably since then. In particular, the build quality and workmanship are well above average. Even by Danish standards.

The design is very exclusive, with a tiger-striped bamboo cabinet and milled aircraft aluminum (Photo: Sv-Audio)

The lower register is handled by four custom-built 7“ drivers and the midrange by a 5” unit, all from SEAS. The higher frequencies are tackled by two tweeters from SB Acoustics. One is located at the back and can be switched on and off separately.

Fenja has a phase-optimized crossover that, according to the manufacturer, is “built with the finest components on the market to ensure precise and coherent sound reproduction”. The terminals are from WBT, and the internal cabling in silver-plated copper is from Van den Hul.

The cabinet is made of 5-layer tiger striped bamboo and the walls are 26 mm thick. The front panel is milled from aircraft aluminum.

Recommended amplifier power: 100 – 300 watts.
Sensitivity: 90.7 dB.
Average impedance: 4 ohms.
Frequency range: 34 Hz – 22 kHz (tolerance not stated)

And then there’s the price, which is undoubtedly in the high-end class: 58,500 euros.

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