Bowers & Wilkins refines its sound

Bowers & Wilkins introduces the 700 S3 Signature Series

Signature editions with enhanced sound.

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Bowers & Wilkins introduces the 700 S3 Signature Series

Most speaker manufacturers release special editions of one or more models from time to time. Bowers & Wilkins does as well, and this time they have handpicked three models in the 700 series.

As with previous signature models, the design and sound have been refined and fine-tuned. The speakers are available in what has become a sort of signature color for B&W’s special models: Midnight Blue. A deep blue metallic finish. Alternatively, there is a dark gloss lacquered datuk wood veneer.

The new 700 Series Signature range includes the floorstanding 702 S3 Signature, the compact 705 S3 Signature and an HTM71 S3 Signature center speaker.

(Foto: Bowers & Wilkins)

They all come with a signature plate on the back and feature Bowers & Wilkins’ signature tweeter tubes on the top of the cabinets. With carbon diaphragms that can reach up to 47 kHz, behind a redesigned grille. Technical changes include upgraded crossovers, including Mundorf capacitors, and new cable terminals.

(Foto: Bowers & Wilkins)

The floorstanding 702 S3 Signature features three of B&W’s 165mm Aerofoil Profile drivers and a Continuum Cone FST midrange in addition to the carbon tweeter we know from the 700 S3 series.

The bass/midrange in the 705 S3 Signature has a new suspension, and Bowers & Wilkins says the technical changes have made the speakers in the new Signature series more focused with a more open and refined sound.

(Foto: Bowers & Wilkins)

Prices in local currency are not yet available, but they tend to be a few thousand dollars higher than the normal versions of Bowers & Wilkins speakers in the same series.

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