If you can't afford the big Goldmund

Goldmund Melos is the “budget model”

The Swiss based manufacturer Goldmund aren't particularly known for inexpensive products, but the compact Melos model is slightly more accessible than the others.

By / 18 October 2023 - 9:00 am
Goldmund Melos is the “budget model”

The Swiss Goldmund brand is known for crafting incredibly beautiful hi-fi. But the asking price? Yikes!

You need more than just a generous bank account (preferably in a discreet Swiss bank) to buy Goldmund’s ultra high-end products. The price is usually well over a hundred thousand euros. Per part! For example, the extreme active floor-standing speakers Goldmund Gaia, which cost 500. 000 euros for a pair!

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2500 watts and an insane frequency range.

In this context, it’s almost like a compromise when Godmund launches the Melos compact speaker. The small passive speakers are “only” 29,000 euros for a set. Pocket change!

(Image: Goldmund)

What you for that kind of money is a two-way bass reflex speaker with 7″ bass/midrange and 1″ dome tweeter. The frequency range is specified as 43 Hz – 25,000 Hz (-6dB). Which seems pretty standard for a compact bookshelf speaker. But Goldmund assures that the speakers provide “an enchanting and vibrant acoustic scene that surrounds the listener in a symphony of unprecedented realism.

In true Goldmund tradition, the cabinet is made of out aluminum and weighs 20 kg. Which is probably the very least you can expect.



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If you can't afford the big Goldmund

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