BenQ TK710 and TK710Sti: Versatile 4K projectors

The latest 4K projectors from BenQ, the TK710 and TK710Sti, offer high brightness and impressive contrast to elevate home entertainment to new levels.

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BenQ TK710 and TK710Sti: Versatile 4K projectors

With a brightness of 3,200 ANSI lumens and a dynamic contrast ratio of 600,000:1, BenQ promises that the TK710 and TK710STi 4K projectors deliver crisp and detailed images, even in well-lit environments.

HDR support (HDR10) renders light effects “whiter than white”, for even more impressive visual experiences. This should bring out the detail in both light and dark scenes, giving images a cinematic quality. Admittedly, a projector can’t do this as well as a TV, but we’ve seen examples where it’s worked pretty well.

BenQ tk710sti-1.2x-zoom
The BenQ TK710STi has a particularly short projection distance. Photo: BenQ

Flexible installation for all rooms

TK710 is suited for larger rooms and can project a 100-inch image from a distance of 2.6 meters. The vertical lens shift of ±10% simplifies installation, as you don’t have to have the projector at a perfect angle relative to the screen.

For smaller rooms, the TK710STi is the ideal choice, allowing for a 100-inch image from just 1.5 meters away.

BenQ tk710sti-streaming
Both the TK710 and TKSTi are intended for movies and home entertainment, but only the latter has a Chromecast dongle built in. Photo: BenQ

Streaming options and connectivity

Of the two, it’s the TK710STi that’s mainly geared towards TV use. It has a built-in Android TV dongle that provides direct access to popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Max, Prime, YouTube – or whatever you want. With the TK710, you’ll need to get your own streaming device, such as Chromecast or Apple TV 4K.

Both models have two HDMI 2.0b ports that support 4K at 60Hz and 1080p at 120Hz, as well as eARC for transmitting high-quality audio to compatible sound systems. Finally, someone has realized that eARC is important for a projector!

BenQ tk710sti-lowest-input-lag
Lower input lag for a better gaming experience. Photo: BenQ

Enhanced gaming performance

The TK710 and TK710STi are also built for gaming. With an input delay of just 16.7ms at 4K and 4.2ms at 1080p, the projectors ensure responsive gaming on large screens. The TK710 also includes specialized HDR gaming modes for the best possible picture in a variety of game genres.

BenQ TK710 and TK710STi: Pricing and availability

Pricing and availability The TK710 is priced at $1799, while the TK710STi is priced at $1999.

More info: BenQ

BenQ-tk710-hdr-fps-1 BenQ-tk710sti-vibrant-colors BenQ-tk710sti-dive-into-entertainment
Photo: BenQ

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