Jessica Alba Trigger Warning tops Netflix

With her comeback, Alba goes straight to the top on Netflix.

By / 25 June 2024 - 8:58 am
Jessica Alba Trigger Warning tops Netflix

On Friday, Netflix released the new action film Trigger Warning – it went straight to the top of the streaming giant’s most-watched lists.

Now there is nothing very extraordinary about Netflix premiering a new action film, there are dozens of them every year – the special thing about Trigger Warning is who we find in the lead role: Jessica Alba.

The actress from California has reached the age of 43, and has largely stayed away from the film industry since she ravaged Hollywood in the 2010s.

With films such as Sin City: A Dame to Kill For , Machete , Awake , Dark Angel , Stretch , Into the Blue and the Fantastic Four franchise, Alba created a solid foothold in Hollywood. Both as a more than competent action heroine, but also several roles in comedies and drama films.

Jessica Alba, “Trigger Warning” (Photo: Netflix)

One of her films that has made the strongest impression is probably Michael Winterbottom’s The Killer Inside Me , in which Alba does a frighteningly good role as the victim of Casey Affleck’s rage and violence.

Since she almost put her film career on the shelf, she has become a multi-millionaire in cosmetics ; but now the foursome, versatile, actress is finally back.


In Trigger Warning, we follow commando Parker (Alba) as she travels back to her hometown to find answers after her father’s death.

But what the special forces soldier reveals is a deadly, and far-fetched, conspiracy.

Indonesian Mouly Surya ( Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts ) is directing.

Other leading roles in this action thriller are played by Mark Webber, Anthony M. Hall, Tone Bell, Gabriel Basso and Jake Weary.

Despite the long hiatus, the users of Rotten Tomatoes are not entirely convinced that the film is worth catching; just as well, it is right now the most streamed film on Netflix.

Trigger Warning (Photo: Netflix)

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