High-end 2024: Sonus faber Sonetto G2

Sonus faber renews the Sonetto series.

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High-end 2024: Sonus faber Sonetto G2

Using technology from the very expensive Suprema loudspeakers, the new Sonetto G2 series aims to deliver better sound at a much lower price. Sonus faber has learnt a lot during the development of the Suprema system, which they have implemented in the Sonetto G2 series speakers.

The most visible proof of this is the special Camelia midrange with a cone that resembles the leaves of a camellia flower. This special unit can be found on the G2 series flagship, the Sonetto VIII, the slightly smaller Sonetto V and the Sonetto Centre.

Suprema and Sonetto VIII. Photo: Sonus faber

All speakers in the series use Sonus faber’s Damped Apex Dome (DAD) tweeter with a woven silk diaphragm that reaches up to 30 kHz. The crossovers are Sonus faber phase-synchronised filters, and the top two models also feature a hybrid IFF and Sonus faber Paracross crossover. Apart from the wall-mounted Sonetto G2 Wall, all models have bass reflex ports, either in front or underneath. On the Sonetto Centre, the port is located on the back.

Photo: Sonus faber

The enclosures feature Sonus Faber’s signature lute-shaped profile with a cast concrete base, metal rings around the units, leather-covered panels around the tweeter and midrange, and are available in walnut, wenge or black piano lacquer.

Photo: Sonus faber

The Sonetto G2 series consists of the two compact models Sonetto I and Sonetto II, both of which are two-way, a slim 2.5-way floorstanding speaker called Sonetto III and two larger three-way floorstanding speakers. Sonetto V and Sonetto VIII. The centre speaker is of course called Sonetto Center, while the in-wall speaker is called Sonetto On Wall.

Photo: Sonus faber

No word yet on when Sonetto G2 will be available in stores, but the European prices are as follows

  • Sonetto I: €1,999.00 per pair
  • Sonetto II: €2.449.00 per pair
  • Sonetto III: €4,499.00 per pair
  • Sonetto V: € 5,999.00 per pair
  • Sonetto VIII: € 7,499.00 per pair
  • Sonetto Centre: € 2.499,00 per pair
  • Sonetto On Wall: € 1,249.00 per pair
  • There is also a stand designed for Sonetto I and Sonetto II, called Sonetto Stand G2.
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