High-end 2024: Burmester BX100

Designed for high-end sound In colour.

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High-end 2024: Burmester BX100

The fingers snap in the room, the drums propagate to the thin chairs, and Elvis isn’t dead anymore. Fever is an album track that can be challenging in its simplicity. Not all speakers can handle the dynamics, and in many of them you can hear that it’s not the living Elvis standing in front of you. But not here.

The vocals are frighteningly vivid, perfectly placed in an invisible hologram between the speakers, which is Burmester’s very latest model. So new, in fact, that exact pricing or specifications are not yet clear.

But we do know something.

IMG_0764 IMG_0765 IMG_0766
(Photo: Lasse Svendsen)

The speaker is built as modules with separate woofer, midrange and tweeter. In the centre of what looks like an open d’Appolito configuration you find a new AMT tweeter. It’s narrower and longer than before for better horizontal dispersion. Above and below are a midrange and woofer with a mix of carbon fibre and carbon in the diaphragm. The deep bass is handled by two 26 cm woofers in the lower cabinet.

(Photo: Lasse Svendsen)

They are the ones who make sure that the dynamics of the drums on Fever can be felt both in the chair and in the ears.

Burmester doesn’t even know how deep they go, as the measurements are not 100 per cent quality controlled. That’s why it’s not mentioned in the brochure. But we do know that you can adjust the treble level above 2 kHz and the woofer below 150 Hz with a potentiometer on the back. This should make it possible to better adapt the speaker to the room it’s in.

(Photo: Lasse Svendsen)

And they can be supplied in the colours shown in the images, or in almost any colour to blend in with the wallpaper or match the colour of your Porsche.

The sides can be covered with a tightly woven fabric in a colour of your choice and the front panels can be supplied in a different contrasting colour.

(Photo: Lasse Svendsen)

Price? We have no idea, but it’s sure to be expensive. Burmester is not a budget brand, but the BX100 won’t be Burmester’s most expensive speaker either. Delivery sometime in the autumn if you order now, but these are not made on assembly lines in the East, but by hand in Germany. So you have to expect some lead time.

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