High-end 2024: Dynaudio reveals four new speaker models

Danish Dynaudio has four new speaker models at the High End trade fair in Munich as well as new technology in surround sound and car stereo.

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High-end 2024: Dynaudio reveals four new speaker models

The most eye-catching of Dynaudio’s new products is the Contour Legacy. A nod back to the original Contour models from the 80s and 90s, but with the latest in driver technology and acoustic engineering.

Equipped with Dynaudio’s best tweeter, the 28 mm Esotar 3, and two 18 cm woofers from the classic Evidence series, Dynaudio promises an unrivalled listening experience with Contour Legacy.

Contour Legacy. (Photo: Dynaudio)

Contour Legacy – handmade in Denmark

Each speaker is handmade at Dynaudio’s headquarters in Skanderborg and encased in sustainable American walnut wood. Everything is customised to ensure the highest quality and aesthetics. With a limited production of only 1,000 sets worldwide, the Contour Legacy is almost guaranteed to become a coveted item among enthusiasts.

Dynaudio Confidence 20A-resized-text-shapes-3840w
An active Dynaudio Confidence? Yes, please! Say hello to the Confidence 20A. (Photo: Dynaudio)

Active Confidence 20A

Dynaudio’s flagship Confidence series also gets a new addition in the form of the Confidence 20A – an active version of the most compact speaker, the Confidence 20. Here, the amplifier is elegantly integrated into the stand, resulting in a discreet jewel that we promise will provide a great listening experience. Not least thanks to Pascal amplifiers and configurable DSP. With the amazing Focus 30 compact floorstanding speaker fresh in our minds, we’d be surprised if the Confidence 20 doesn’t find favour with high-end enthusiasts who appreciate minimalism and simplicity.

dynaudio-contour-20-black-edition 2-resized-text-shapes-3840w
Contour 20 Black Edition. (Photo: Dynaudio)

Contour 20 Black Edition

The Contour 20 Black Edition is exactly what it sounds like, but in addition to being black, it’s also upgraded from the Contour 20i. With a new and improved Esotar 3 tweeter and a carefully refined crossover, wrapped in a striking glossy black finish.

Dynaudio The Bookshelf-resized-text-shapes-3840w
The Bookshelf. (Photo: Dynaudio)

The Bookshelf – Danish/Japanese collaboration

Last, but not least, we have a special little guy, where Dynaudio for the first time has embarked on a Japanese collaboration. Namely with furniture manufacturer Karimoku and interior design company Keiji Ashizawa Design, both based in Tokyo. The result is ‘The Bookshelf’ – a wonderful example of minimalist design and impeccable craftsmanship that explores the harmony between Danish and Japanese aesthetics.

Constructed from ‘sustainable’ Japanese oak and equipped with Dynaudio’s best Esotar 3 tweeter, ‘The Bookshelf’ aims to embody the union of form and function. We predict this will be an exclusive jewel for enthusiasts and collectors.

DynaudioCore5 SubCompact-resized-text-shapes-3840w
Dynaudio Core5 and Core Sub Compact. (Photo: Dynaudio)

Surround sound

Attendees can also experience the latest in surround sound with Dynaudio’s Core 5 and Core Sub Compact studio monitors, designed for professional environments where space is at a premium.

Last but not least, the Evidence sound system can be found in the Yangwang U8 electric luxury off-roader from Chinese BYD. With 22 speakers and an advanced user interface, we are promised unrivalled sound quality, allowing listeners to enjoy ‘studio-quality’ sound wherever the road takes them.

When will the new Dynaudio products hit the market?

Dynaudio’s new products won’t go on sale, but they will be on display at the High End trade fair in Munich next week.

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