New Concepts from Q Acoustics

With Concept 30, 50 and 90, Q Acoustics is in a price range where most people can participate.

Published 2021-10-08 - 2:00 pm

British Q Acoustics is now expanding its Concept range of speakers for stereo and home cinema. The new models are in a relatively affordable price range, but Q Acoustics promises that they have inherited several of the technologies from the top model Concept 500. This includes “Gelcore” cabinets built as a sandwich construction with several layers of wood, separated by a gel-like intermediate layer that dampens cabinet vibrations.

Both the 5″ midwoofer and the 25 mm tweeter are designed specifically for the three new models, Concept 30, 50 and 90. The drivers are mounted on a rigid 3 mm aluminum baffle, which in turn is attached to the cabinet.

Concept 50 is a full-grown floor-standing speaker. (Photo: Q Acoustics)

Concept 50 is a slender floor-standing speaker of just over a meter in height and with two 5″ midwooefers units in D’Appolito configuration above and below the tweeter.

Concept 30 is a compact standmount model. (Photo: Q Acoustics)

Concept 30 is a compact two-way standmount speaker with a single midwooefer and the same tweetr. And the Concept 90 center speaker makes it possible to use the series in a home theater system.

With a nice sensitivity (approx. 90 dB on Concept 50 and Concept 90 and 87 dB on Concept 30) as well as an impedance that just barely dips below 4 ohms, the speakers should be relatively easy to operate – even for smaller amplifiers and receivers .

Concept 90 completes the series with a center speaker for home theater people. (Photo: Q Acoustics)

Price and availability:
Concept 30 costs GBP 899 for a set. Concept 50 costs GBP 1,999 a pair, while the center speaker Concept 90 costs GBP 649. A complete home cinema system with all the above models plus an active subwoofer, QB12, can be purchased for GBP 4,225. The speakers can be purchased from late October.

Q Acoustics


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