New mid-range series from Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics' new 5000 series closes the gap between the flagship Concept series and the cheaper 3000 series.

By / 15 April 2023 - 8:00 am
New mid-range series from Q Acoustics

English company Q Acoustics are particularly known for their rather budget-friendly speakers, which have become popular, not least in home cinema systems. But they also have the prestigious Concept series, whose top model, the Concept 500, was awarded top speaker of the year in 2017.

Now the company is launching a brand new series that closes the gap between the cheap models and the Concept series. The new 5000 series incorporates technology and design from the top models, but at prices that start at the comfortable end – and end before it gets too painful.

The 5000 series consists of five members: the Q Acoustics 5040 and Q Acoustics 5050 floorstanding speakers, the Q Acoustics 5010 and Q Acoustics 5020 compact speakers, and the Q Acoustics 5090 centre speaker.

The 5010 and 5020 are two-way models with 4.5″ and 5″ midwoofer respectively.

Standmount model 5020 (Photo: Q Acoustics)

The floor models are two-way d’Appolito configurations with two bass/midrange drivers on either side of the tweeter unit. The same is true of the 5090 centre speaker. It uses 2×5″ bass/midrange in the smallest floorstanding model and 2×6″ bass/midrange in the largest. The centre speaker is equipped with 2×4.5″ bass/midrange.

All five models use the same 1″ dome tweeter. The unit has a resonance frequency as low as 700 Hz, which makes it possible to use soft sloped crossovers with low steepness.

Common to all models are also midwoofers with so-called Continuous Curved Cone, which probably should be translated as a bowl-shaped cone. This should provide better dispersion, less break-up and better integration with the tweeter unit. According to Q Acoustics.

The Q Acoustics 5010 bookshelf model with a rosewood veneer finish. (Photo: Q Acoustics)

The floor-standing models are equipped with Helmholtz Pressure Equalisers, which are strategically placed tubes inside the cabinet that equalise internal pressure differences. This technique was introduced with the Concept 500. All models also feature internal bracing between cabinet walls. What Q Acouistics calls Point-2-Point bracing.

The speakers are available in matte white, matte black, oak finish and rosewood finish.

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Price and availability

The smallest model, the 5010, costs €649. The larger stand model, the 5020 costs €799 and the floor model 5040 costs €1,299. All prices are for a pair. The 5090 centre speaker costs €499 each.

The speakers will be available from May.

The largest floorstander, the 5050, is not yet priced and the availability date is also unknown.

The speakers are also available in matte white and matte black, if you prefer. (Photo: Q Acoustics)


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