JBL Reflect Mini BT

These are also available in a wired version, but in this case, it is the wireless that is applicable. As the name suggests, they have a reflex strip on the wire so you are visible when running in the dark. They feel practical more than luxurious, but the quality of the make seems good. Moreover, …

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

With QuietComfort 35 , Bose surpassed its own QuietComfort 25, which was the market’s most popular noise-cancelling headphone until the wireless version came out. Bose QuietComfort 35 II has now arrived. From now on with almost perfect fit, and just as collapsible as before. Variable noise cancellation What distinguishes the new version from the first …

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Powerbeats Pro

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro

If you would like to have AirPods Pro, but think the protruding microphones are a deal breaker, or you think the sound is too loud at the top, then you should know that Powerbeats Pro has virtually the same functionality. After all, Beats is Apple-owned now. Powerbeats Pro has the same amazing wireless range as …

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Beoplay H9

B&O Play has previously been out to challenge Bose and its position as the uncrowned king of active noise cancellation. This was with the model H8, which came at in beginning of 2015. At the end of 2016, Beoplay H9 ended up in stores. Are they able to bump Bose from the throne? At first …

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9 wireless earbuds

Just a few years ago, you had to cough up a lot of money if you wanted to have wireless headphones, and still get great quality. Last year we found a number of very good reasonably priced earbuds. And it is now actually possible to go further down in price, and still get something that …

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Urbanears Jakan

Urbanears is famous for nice and colourful headphones at a decent price. Jakan is no exception and can be obtained in five sober colours. The ear pieces can be buttoned together with magnetic plates, turning it into what looks like a necklace. The remote control is smart, and has a small joystick instead of all …

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Supra Nero-X

When we tested the more expensive wireless earbuds last year, Supra’s first wireless model Nitro-X was voted as the best buy. Now they are they back with an even cheaper Nero-X. The construction is a little different. The battery is moved to the centre of the cord, but thanks to the slip-resistant surface the earbuds …

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Sol Republic Shadow Wireless

Sol Republic is a slightly forgotten brand in Scandinavia, which is a pity. For this price range, they are a set of really nice headphones for a youthful target market. Considering the target market, the black model looks slightly subdued, but the blue is considerably more flashy. They feel a bit like plastic, but are …

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Compared to the other earbuds in the test that also have a collar, you cannot help but notice how big the XB70B is. The battery and electronics boxes at the ends of the neck collar are twice the size of certain competitors. Despite this, the battery life is not better, quite the opposite. It also …

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RHA MA650 Wireless

Despite the price, RHA MA650 feels luxurious thanks to the nice aluminium details. They feel solid, and the impression is amplified by the dust and water protection, according to IPX4. The electronics sit at the ends of the neck band, and the generous battery life provides a long listening time. Thanks to the USB-C connector, …

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Jays A-six Wireless

As usual, Jays sticks to a simple Scandinavian design, without any luminous logos or screaming colours. The remote may feel a little plastic, but the earbuds are made of metal and our first impression is that this is of a generally good quality. Also, the cords do not tangle if you shove them in your …

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Marley Uplift 2 Wireless

House of Marley has an interesting approach to environmentally friendly products. In this case it means that Uplift 2 Wireless is manufactured with recycled materials and environmentally certified wood, with degradable packaging. Also, a tree is planted for each sold product. The earbuds are neat with their wooden details and nylon reinforced tangle-free cords. A …

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OnePlus Bullet Wireless

OnePlus’ first wireless earbuds have a design similar to BeatsX. Not a bad idea, as they are very practical. There is even a similar silicone carry case for transport. The box also includes three pairs of silicone pads, as well as three “wings” of different sizes. Thanks to this, the earbuds sit securely in the …

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Audiofly AF45W

Compared with Audioflys high-end-models, AF45W is almost free. The budget can unfortunately be noticed in the battery pack and remote control, which are made of plastic and have sharp edges. However, the buttons are clear and easy to find with your finger. The wire is fortunately nylon clad, and the plugs actually look exclusive. They …

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Sony WH-1000XM2

Sony WH-1000XM2

The Sony MDR-1000X was among the very best wireless headphones with noise reduction on the market. By adapting the noise cancelling to the listener’s ear, it took the concept to a new level, and it was also among the best sounding of its kind. Its biggest problem was that you heard bass transients in your ear …

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