LSX II LT: KEF downscales active speaker favourite – and slashes the price

KEF makes audio enjoyment accessible to more people with its new active and functional compact model LSX II LT.

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LSX II LT: KEF downscales active speaker favourite – and slashes the price

KEF has streamlined and simplified its popular LSX II wireless home speaker. The new LSX II LT promises the same sound at a significantly lower price. The LSX II LT boasts the same speaker drivers, amplifier and advanced technology as its big brother – just in a simpler package.

KEF LSX II LT 2-topaz
Photo: KEF

For both hi-fi and TV

Just like LSX II, the new LT model gives you wireless hi-fi sound in a compact format. Whether music streaming or film content from the TV is on the menu. Yes, because like its big brother, there’s an HDMI ARC connector on the back, which extracts audio from the TV, up to 16-bit / 48 kHz. It streams music via network or USB at higher resolutions.

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The small KEF LSX II are the best wireless stereo speakers in their price range.

At its core is the same powerful amplifier and coaxial Uni-Q tweeter/midrange driver, promising precise and detailed reproduction wherever you are in the room.

Photo: KEF

Simpler solutions = lower price

One way in which KEF has brought the price down is in the way the two speakers communicate. The LSX II needs power for both speakers, which communicate wirelessly with each other through a proprietary low-latency connection.

With LSX II LT, only one speaker needs power. This is connected to the other with a supplied three metre special cable (C-Link). The transmission takes place as a 24-bit/96 kHz music signal.

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Making a subwoofer that matches the sound quality of the popular LS50 speakers is not a simple task. But KEF has really succeeded with the KC62!

The cable offers a little less flexibility in terms of placement, but if you want the speakers further apart, an 8 metre cable can be purchased separately.

Other downscalings include lack of support for MQA and Roon Ready, and the analogue input has also been removed.

The KEF LSX II LT has a subwoofer output, and the KC62 would be a good match. Photo: KEF

Subwoofer output

Like its big brother, the LSX II LT is fortunately equipped with a subwoofer output, which can come in handy down the line if you find that you want deeper and richer bass than the speakers can handle on their own.

Photo: KEF

KEF LSX II LT: Price and availability

A pair of KEF LSX II LT is priced at 999 euros. Compared to the LSX II, the LT saves you around a third. The LSX II LT is available in dark grey, white or green. Available from 25 January.

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