CES 2024: Here are LG’s new soundbars

Sleek wall decor or bold Atmos surround? LG lets you make the choice yourself.

By / 26 December 2023 - 8:00 am
CES 2024: Here are LG’s new soundbars

CES 2024 doesn’t start until the second week of January, but in keeping with tradition, LG Electronics is releasing small tidbits of news leading up to the opening of the exhibition halls in Las Vegas. And the very first thing we hear about is new soundbars. Designed to seamlessly complement LG’s TV models, the new S95TR, SG10TY and S70TY models promise to give the home cinema experience a major boost.

Soundbars created specifically for LG TV

The new soundbars will provide a number of synergies with LG TV models. Thanks to the WOW Orchestra feature, both the soundbar and the TV screen’s own speakers can be used in tandem.

The top models S95TR and SG10TY also feature WOWCAST wireless audio transfer, where sound can be sent from the TV without an HDMI cable (requires a compatible LG TV). All of the new soundbars also feature a common user interface that efficiently shares audio settings between the TV and the soundbar.

Of course, LG’s new soundbars support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

The soundbars also feature improved room correction (LG Triple Level Spatial Sound and AI Room Calibration), which provides a more natural sound and a convincing sense of space in harmony with the room’s acoustics. New in 2024, Room Calibration will also be able to correct for the placement of the rear surround speakers, making them more flexible to install.

The S95TR is LG’s new soundbar flagship in 2024 (Photo: LG)

New top model: LG S95TR

The LG S95TR is LG’s new 2024 flagship soundbar, featuring a 9.1.5 configuration (15 speaker channels!) and powered by a total of 810 watts of amplifier power.

Five of the 15 channels are upward-facing height channels, including an additional top speaker for the centre channel. This is said to be angled to provide better coupling with on-screen dialogues.

LG also claims that the tweeters on the top model have been improved to provide clearer and more accurate sound, while a passive drone unit will provide extended bass in combination with the wireless subwoofer. With wireless rear speakers in addition (also with their own height channel), LG promises an “unrivalled” three-dimensional sound experience. It will be interesting to see if LG has managed to improve on the sound of its somewhat disappointing predecessor, the S95QR.

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Flat design model: LG SG10TY

This flat model doesn’t boast as many channels, but is designed to be a stylish companion to LG’s slim OLED TV models. It can be wall-mounted with a special bracket and wirelessly connected to the screen above.

LG promises premium TV sound quality, and listeners can enjoy their favourite tracks from streaming services like Tidal and Spotify. The design is thoughtfully designed to match the width and frame colours of LG’s OLED TVs.

Affordable with high performance: LG S70TY

The S70TY soundbar model is said to be ideal for LG QNED TVs with its simple and compact design. Like the S95TR, this model features a top-mounted centre speaker for clearer speech. It also comes with a special bracket (optional) so you can mount the soundbar directly under a compatible QNED TV.

In addition to the three models mentioned above, we can expect more soundbar and speaker news from LG at the show.

LG Electronics product news, including the new OLED models C4 and G4, will be showcased during CES 2024 from 9-12 January. L&B Tech Reviews will be there to bring you more first-hand impressions at that time.

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