Will we finally see Sonos headphones in 2024?

According to rumours, Sonos is on the way with not only the long-awaited headphone, but also an Apple TV-style streaming box.

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Will we finally see Sonos headphones in 2024?

In the coming year, Sonos will expand its range to completely new product categories. If industry rumours are to be believed, by 2024 we will see both headphones and a TV streaming box with the Sonos logo.

The rumours were brought to light by Mark Gurman of business media Bloomberg, who spoke with several anonymous sources at Sonos.

Sonos headphones with ANC

The headphones are the least expected news, as Sonos has presumably been working on such a product since 2019. Back in 2021, Sonos was at the forefront with a prototype that became known via leaked patent drawings.

Sonos was close to launching headphones in 2021, but dropped the project (Photo: Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt)

However, this was later dropped, and the headphones that we’re likely to see in the spring of 2024 are a completely new design, codenamed Duke. According to Bloomberg, it will be an over-ear model that will compete directly with the Sony WH-1000XM5, Bose QuetComfort Ultra and Apple AirPods Max. Sonos will reportedly price the headphones between $400-$500. That’s closer in price to Sony than Apple.

The new noise-cancelling headphones will be unveiled in March 2024 and hit stores in April, according to Bloomberg sources.

A little later in 2024, or perhaps early 2025, Sonos should be ready with a streaming box for the TV. What used to be called a set-top box – back when TVs were deep enough to have something placed on top of them.

Apple TV competitor

The device, codenamed Pinewood (probably inspired by the famous Pinewood film studios in England), will of course stream video to TVs. Not surprisingly, the operating system will be built on Android. The success of such a device stands or falls on whether Sonos will be able to offer something new and useful to customers – something they don’t already have. Here, the box will face stiff competition from Apple, but also from the already built-in smart platforms in modern TVs, not least Android TV.

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According to Bloomberg, Sonos is in the process of negotiating agreements with the various streaming providers, including of course Netflix, which has never said no to having its own button on a remote control anywhere. A possible trump card for the Pinewood box could be that it will also act as a central control unit for the household’s other Sonos devices. The box will support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

There are also a number of less surprising innovations within Sonos’ existing product lines. In 2024, we can expect a new version of the Sonos Roam and a new subwoofer. We’d guess so; in fact, it would be a bigger surprise if these products weren’t in the pipeline. A new soundbar to replace Arc should also be on the way in 2024.


There should also be a slightly more expensive “professional” version of the Sonos Era 100 with a built-in Ethernet input. It will be intended for installation in stores and restaurants.

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According to rumours, Sonos is also working on “a high-end amplifier for home cinema installations.” The term should be taken with a grain of salt, as Bloomberg is a business media and not a tech media – and therefore judges things by different standards. But a price tag of $3000-$4000 still sounds exciting. In-ceiling speakers are also an indication that Sonos sees the home theatre as more than just a TV and a soundbar.

Source: Bloomberg

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