AVC-X6800H: Denon’s new home cinema amplifier is a powerhouse

Denon's AVC-X6800H home cinema amplifier features multi-channel 3D audio, 8K video - and plenty of power.

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AVC-X6800H: Denon’s new home cinema amplifier is a powerhouse

The new Denon AVC-X6800H is a home cinema amplifier and not a receiver, as it does not have a built-in FM receiver. Designed and manufactured in Japan, the amplifier is positioned below the eminent flagship AVC-A1H, placing it at the upper end of the premium class, in other words, Denon wants to give us an unforgettable home cinema experience.

Denon_AVC_X6800H_front black
Photo: Denon

11.4 channels

With 11.4 channels of amplification and processing, the AVC-X6800H has the experience to create a credible and immersive 3D experience. Naturally, the amplifier supports all the latest 3D audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D. IMAX Enhanced certification also gives the amplifier enhanced functionality with video content encoded in this format. This includes automatically activating DTS:X and disabling image processing to remain true to the filmmaker’s intent.

If the content has fewer channels than there are speakers in the room (this includes stereo content), the amplifier can mix the content into a larger soundstage.

On the video side, the AVC-X6800H supports 8K 60p video on all seven HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs. It also supports 4K 120p, as well as the latest HDR formats, including HLG and dynamic HDR formats such as Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

Also available in silver. Photo: Denon


The amplifier has built-in Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room correction, but you can also purchase a Dirac licence for even more advanced room customisation.

Four subwoofer outputs, all with separate processing, not only enable more bass, but also allow the bass response to be even better customised to the room. Which in turn delivers more distinct and resolved bass.

HEOS music streaming

The AVC-X6800H also features HEOS, which can stream music from most popular streaming services to both itself, but also to other HEOS-compatible devices in the home. HEOS recently received a long-awaited upgrade to its user interface.

Photo: Denon


  • 11.4 channels
  • 205 watts per channel (1 channel, 1% THD)
  • 140 watts per channel (2 channels, 0.05% THD)
  • Support for 8K video
  • Support for all the latest HDR formats
  • Support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, IMAX Enhanced and Auro 3D
  • Upmixing capabilities for legacy content
  • HEOS inbuilt
Denon AVC-X6800H heos
HEOS streaming with its own app. Photo: Denon

AVC-X6800H: Price and availability

The AVC-X6800H home cinema amplifier will be available in February. The price is set at €3,500.

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