Top home theatre from Marantz?

The Marantz AV10 and AMP 10 are a solid amplifier set for the home cinema. It's not cheap, but we reckon you'll be in for a treat ...

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Top home theatre from Marantz?

This amplifier set from Marantz is actually not entirely new. It was presented in the autumn. But we’re taking the chance to mention it again, as it’s finally available to purchase – and because we now have a set coming in for testing!

The Marantz AV 10 processes a full 15 audio channels plus four subwoofers. (Photo: Marantz)

Marantz AMP 10: 15-channel processor

The AMP 10 processor has seven HDMI inputs, all of which support 8K video.

On the audio side, it has 15.4 channels of processing, where the 4 digit stands for the number of subwoofers, which can be individually calibrated and adjusted. The 15 channels can be configured as you wish; if you need as many ceiling mounted speakers as possible, the maximum amount is six, leaving you with nine channels to drive the speakers, which are positioned around the room at ear height (9.1.6 configuration).

If for some reason you want even more speakers on the floor, you can have up to eleven speakers there and reduce to four ceiling speakers instead (11.1.4). Quite flexible, in other words.

Advanced circuits

A serious processor needs serious digital processing. To convert as many as 19 channels simultaneously, all DACs must be perfectly synchronized with a very accurate clock generator. To do this, the AV 10 uses a very precise crystal crystal and employs a small buffer memory where any phase shifts are corrected before the signal is passed on.

The latest HDAM-SA3 transistor circuits should provide even lower noise floor than before, and the number of transistors has more than doubled since its predecessor.

You can choose to use balanced XLR outputs or standard unbalanced RCA.

Marantz AV10 Interior
Photo: Marantz

Immersive audio formats

The Marantz AV 10 supports Dolby Atmos, of course, but also DTS:X. In this respect, it is also IMAX Enhanced compatible. This is arguably more of a special ‘digital handshake’ than a format, such to understand that if the movie you’re about to watch is encoded with IMAX Enhanced you’ll automatically get DTS:X audio, and the receiver also turns off all image processing. We haven’t quite decided if IMAX Enhanced is a gimmick or if it’s actually smart to have. It’s certainly not a necessity.

If you have music releases with the even stranger, but really good, Auro 3D sound format (movie releases are almost non-existent), the processor supports that too.

For everyday music listening, the AV 10 has streaming capabilities, including with the HEOS multi-room system, which can play wirelessly to other compatible networked products throughout the house. But AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect are also supported.

Marantz AV10 Sub out
All channels can be balanced, even all four subwoofers. Photo: Marantz

Room correction – you choose!

The AV 10 has Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room correction, which works fine. If, however, you want the much heftier Dirac Live correction, which really offers great possibilities for adapting the sound to the room, a license can be purchased for this. Note that in this case you will need a separate measurement microphone for this. For example miniDSP UMIK-1.

Marantz AMP 10: Massive power for 16 speakers

The AMP 10 is a 16 x 200 watt power amplifier, measured with two channels driven simultaneously. This is claimed to double to 400 watts into 4 ohms. Marantz itself considers the AMP 10 to be their “most advanced and highest resolution amplifier” to date.

The 16 channels can be used individually or paired for bi-amping, giving each speaker two channels, with total separation between high and low frequencies. Alternatively, the amplifiers can be bridged if you need more power for each speaker instead.

Photo: Marantz

Marantz AV 10 and AMP 10: Availability and prices

The AV 10 and AMP 10 amplifier sets are available now, and the price is 7000 euros – each!

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