CES 2024: What to expect

The technology year 2024 kicks off in Las Vegas - L&B tech Reviews is of course there.

By / 31 December 2023 - 8:00 am
CES 2024: What to expect

It’s happening these days: while the rest of us are getting ready to celebrate the New Year, the world’s biggest tech companies are busy preparing for CES 2024 – the first, biggest and arguably most influential tech show of the year.

More than 3,500 exhibitors (including over 1,000 aspiring start-ups) are now getting ready to showcase new and groundbreaking technology in all forms.



CES 2024 – what to expect

CES 2024 opens in Las Vegas on Tuesday 9 January and will once again focus on how technology can improve our lives in many different ways. Some products flop before they’re even born, while others may feel indispensable in a few years.

The traditional show is organised by the CTA (Consumer Trade Association), which reports on the most important tech trends in the media days before the show halls open. The show usually kicks off with CES Unveiled, where the most innovative products are highlighted – some of the award winners have already been announced.

Preparing for the show… (Photo: CTA)

AI (artificial intelligence) is going to be everywhere in various guises – no surprise given the rapid development the topic has seen over the past year. Perhaps we can strike up a conversation with a humanoid robot?

Exhibitors and attendees span a multitude of different industries, from healthcare, transport, agriculture and beauty technology to artificial intelligence, smart home solutions, environment and sustainability. Not to mention the categories that L&B Tech Reviews is most interested in, such as audio, video, TV, gaming and other home entertainment.

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse (right) gave one of the keynote speeches at CES 2023. Here with CTA’s CEO Gary Shapiro. (Photo: CTA)

Everything from the largest agricultural and construction machinery to the most microscopic gadgets will be on display in the vast exhibition halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre (LVCC). Large parts of the show are also spread across Las Vegas’ spectacular hotels, such as the Venetian and Aria.

Renowned TV manufacturers such as Hisense, LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, TCL and others will showcase their latest products. The same goes for famous hi-fi names like McIntosh, Klipsch, JBL and many more.

LG showcased OLED TVs with 8K resolution at CES 2023, will we see more of it in 2024? (Photo: Audun Hage)

As is tradition, some of the vendors are releasing small rumours leading up to the show – while others are keeping quiet about what we can expect. But we already know that we will see a new generation of OLED TVs from LG, for example. We also expect to see more OLED TVs in multiple screen sizes from Samsung, and probably also some dazzlingly powerful MiniLED screens from Hisense and TCL, if we know the Chinese right.

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L&B Tech Reviews will be in Las Vegas, ready to bring you the hottest tech news, fresh impressions – and probably some gossip too.

PSST! By the way, while we’re in Las Vegas, we’re also hoping to catch a glimpse of one of Sin City’s newest attractions – the enormous LED sphere The Sphere. So keep an eye out!

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The spherical LED building is also equipped with a whopping 164,000 surround speakers. Beat that!

As you can see in the video below, CES is also a trade show that attracts a LOT of people!


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