Hangover discount on burgers

Burger King scans your face. And if you look as hungover as you feel, you can get a discount. In Brazil.

By / 1 January 2024 - 7:00 am
Hangover discount on burgers


Burgers and hangovers go hand in hand. We know this, and it’s a theory that has been tested in rigorous empirical studies. But how bad do you have to feel the next day to deserve a burger? Burger King has apparently found the answer.

Burger King has introduced the Hangover Whopper – a version of their Whopper burger especially for days like this New Year’s Day. And they’re accompanying it with a discount for visibly hungover customers. Whether you’re suffering enough to deserve a discount is determined by the Burger King mobile app, which uses the phone’s camera to analyse the customer’s face. The more severely affected by yesterday’s sins, the bigger the discount.

It sounds like a dystopian fantasy of a surveillance society straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 or Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. But it’s real – even if “Brazil” wasn’t far off the mark. Since only Brazilian boozers can benefit from the discount.

Hangover Whopper and the face-scanning app are the brainchild of advertising agency DM9. It’s unclear how much artificial intelligence is really at work in the app (and the amount of real intelligence is also debatable). In any case, Burger King promises not to collect data on customers’ behaviour for later use.

The promotion runs until 2 January, so if you’ve celebrated New Year’s in Brazil and aren’t feeling well, you can buy a Whopper at a discount.

Source: Gizmodo

Surveillance or marketing stunt? In Brazil, you can get a discount if you’re hungover. And if you think that sounds like a good idea, you’ve definitely had too much to drink! (Screenshot: Burger King)


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