Square stereo speaker for your bookshelf

The Tangent Spectrum Square is built to fit right into your interior design - if you do your shopping at a large Swedish furniture store.

By / 20 January 2024 - 8:00 am
Square stereo speaker for your bookshelf

Danish company Tangent Audio is particularly known for making stereo speakers and hi-fi components at a price that everyone can afford. For example, the PreAmp II / Power Ampster II pre and power amplifier set.

Now, however, they have turned their attention to a true lifestyle product, the Tangent Spectrum Square wireless stereo speaker.

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An amplifier set with separate components for the same price as a mid-range multi-room speaker? It can be done!

We would normally describe the square speaker as a table speaker, which it can also be used as, but its special size and shape is due to the fact that it is designed to blend in with the interior of many of Tangent’s customers. Tangent Spectrum Square fits exactly into one of the compartments in the Kallax and Expedit room divider shelves from Ikea.

Tangent Spectrum Square fits exactly in the rooms of Ikea Kallax. (Photo: Tangent)

That’s really clever thinking. Because if you’re in the target group for cheap, practical speakers, you probably already have cheap, practical furniture.

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The Audio Pro A15 is a powerful little multiroom portable table speaker that you can take out into the garden in dry weather.

Tangent Spectrum Square is a two-way stereo speaker with two 4″ midwoofers and two 19 mm dome tweeters. There is a total amplifier power of 60 W RMS, divided into four amplifier channels available. The frequency range is specified at 50 – 22,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB). Two speakers can be configured as a pair for a wider stereo image.

Tangent Spectrum Square is available with front fabric in black and grey. Fronts in blue, red, white, orange and pink are available as accessories.

Price and availability

The Tangent Spectrum Square is available now for €249.

(Photo: Tangent)


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