Q Acoustics expands the M-Series with floorstanding model

Q Acoustics M40 are slim floorstanding speakers with everything built in. Simply add a signal source or stream from your mobile phone.

By / 15 February 2024 - 4:00 pm
Q Acoustics expands the M-Series with floorstanding model

If you’re in the market for a set of real floorstanding speakers but want to do things the easy and relatively economical way, British company Q Acoustics has just launched their proposal for a solution.

The Q Acoustics M40 is a big brother to the M20 HD compact system. And just like the M20, these are wireless speakers with all the necessary electronics built in. But now in a larger and more powerful version.

With a height of 71 cm and a width of 25 cm, the Q Acoustics M40 is still quite interior-friendly. There is a built-in amplifier of 50 W per channel (RMS in 4 ohms, class D) and high-resolution wireless streaming via Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD.

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The Q Acoustics 5020 are inexpensive, but look elegant and are packed with intricate details. Fortunately, they also sound great.

Like the M20 HD, the electronics are built into one speaker, so you still need to run a cable between the speakers. On the back of the active speaker, there are connections for two line inputs (e.g. CD player or network streamer), optical digital and USB type B (for playback from a computer).
The only thing missing is an HDMI input for TV connection, so you’ll have to use the optical digital input.

All the electronics are built into one speaker. The other is passive and must be connected via a cable (Photo: Q Acoustics)

Like the M20 HD, the M40 is equipped with Q Acoustics’ C3 Continuous Curved Cone. This means that the midwoofers have a bowl-shaped cone. There are two midwoofers in the M40 and a 22 dome tweeter. According to the press release, the Q Acoustics M40 has a frequency range of 38 Hz – 22 kHz (-6 dB).

A switch on the back selects which speaker is left and right, while another switch adjusts the frequency response of the bass for corner, wall or free space placement.

Price and availability

Q Acoustics M40 is available now. The price is €899.

The M40 is available in walnut finish, as well as black and white. (Photo: Q Acoustics)

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