Pinell Supersound 901 hi-fi-system

WiFi, Bluetooth streaming and Spotify integration. FM/DAB+ radio and CD player.

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Pinell Supersound 901 hi-fi-system

Norwegian Pinell’s new all-in-one system looks like a nice soundbar, but the Supersound 901 does much more than most soundbars can.

It’s simply a complete system with connections on the back for external sound sources. For example, a record player or a TV. In other words, the Supersound 901 can function as a soundbar, but at the same time, the Supersound 901 has streaming via WiFi or Bluetooth, Spotify integration. FM/DAB+ radio and a built-in CD player.

According to Pinell, the Supersound 901 is the only system you need.

(Photo: Pinell)

“We see a clear trend towards a simpler sound system with higher demands on design. Pinell Supersound 901 fulfils these expectations with timeless Norwegian design, premium materials, user-friendly app control and traditional controls. In addition, the Pinell Supersound 901 delivers a rich sound experience thanks to two tweeters, two bass/midrange speakers and an integrated subwoofer located at the bottom, powered with an impressive 80 watts RMS”, says Tom Vedvik, Product Manager at Pinell, in a press release.

Pinell 901 Walnut DetailSpeakerelements Pinell 901 Walnut DetailLogo Pinell 901 Walnut DetailInputs Pinell 901 Walnut DetailDisplay Pinell 901 Black DetiailSubwoofer
(Photo: Pinell)

The Pinell system does not have an HDMI input for the TV sound, but it can be connected to the system via one of the two digital inputs. The Supersound 901 can be controlled with a remote control or with the Oktiv app on a mobile phone.

The Supersound 901 costs €1,199 and is available in black ash with black fronts or walnut veneer with grey fronts.


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