New version of Steinway Lyngdorf Model C

The new version of the Model C speaker is sleeker than its predecessor, which had a built-in subwoofer.

By / 9 February 2024 - 8:00 am
New version of Steinway Lyngdorf Model C

Steinway Lyngdorf products are exclusive, and we won’t pretend that the new Model C speaker is cheap either. But compared to the company’s larger systems, we’re at the relatively accessible and compact end.

The Model C is a two-way dipole speaker with an open baffle to prevent any sound compression. An AMT tweeter and two 5.25″ midrange drivers with magnesium diaphragm make up the line-up in the slim floorstanding cabinet.

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The previous version of the Model C had a built-in subwoofer, while the new one is a fully open baffle speaker. Since the speaker alone only goes down to 250 Hz, it needs the assistance of a so-called boundary woofer placed elsewhere in the room. One boundary woofer is required per speaker.

Back Side
Like the concert grand pianos, the Model C has a golden metal frame. (Photo: Steinway Lyngdorf)

Design at grand piano level

Model C has a black lacquered front and the bronze-gold frame is visible through the open back. And with black string front grilles and polished gold detailing, the speakers resemble the iconic Steinway & Sons pianos. The matching boundary woofers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, from room-mount to wall-mount models.

All Model C speakers are assembled and finished by hand in Skive, Denmark. Customised lacquers and finishes are available to order.

(Photo: Steinway Lyngdorf)

Integrated system

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model C is not a speaker you just plug into any amplifier. The Model C is designed with Steinway & Sons A1 or A2 digital power amplifiers as an integral part, while the Steinway & Sons stereo or surround processor performs crossover between all drive units completely and losslessly in the digital domain for perfect frequency, gain and time alignment. RoomPerfectTM adapts the system to the acoustics of the room, ensuring the best possible sound performance everywhere.

We have not been given a price for the speakers and associated electronics. But if you can afford to live like the pictures in the press release, that shouldn’t be a problem…

More info: Steinway Lyngdorf

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