New, smaller loudspeaker from Steinway Lyngdorf

Steinway Lyngdorf Model A is - relatively - smaller and cheaper than most of their models.

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New, smaller loudspeaker from Steinway Lyngdorf

Steinway Lyngdorf has just unveiled a brand new speaker called Model A. The speaker is – by Steinway Lyngdorf standards – smaller. And it fills a gap in the model range for living rooms where there’s no room for the really big Model B or Model D.

Still, it’s a sizeable three-way speaker at 115 centimetres in height and with two 12-inchs woofers, 6.5″ midrange and an AMT element for the tweeter.

It might seem a bit backward to start higher up the alphabet, rather than letting the A model be the top model. But the explanation is that Steinway Lyngdorf uses the same model designations that Steinway & Sons uses for its concert grand pianos. And here the Model D is the biggest, followed by the Models B, A, O, M and S.

Model A frontback baggrund
Steinway Lyngdorf Model A is a – relatively – smaller speaker. (Photo: Steinway Lyngdorf)

As usual for Steinway Lyngdorf, the finish is as exclusive as that of the grand pianos that give the brand its name. This is also reflected in the price of EUR 23,500, plus VAT. And that’s per speaker, of course. Then there are the necessary electronics, which also have to be from Steinway Lyngdorf. Each speaker requires 2 x 400 W amplifier power.

Model A is, as mentioned, a “smaller” version. And unlike the large D and B models, which are open baffle systems that must be placed at least one metre from the wall, the Model A is a closed system that is intended to be placed against the wall.

Steinway & Sons Model A from Steinway Lyngdorf on Vimeo.

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