Mission 750: Promises big sound from small speaker

With the Mission 750, we are promised a compact speaker that promises to deliver sound quality far beyond expectations.

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Mission 750: Promises big sound from small speaker

The Mission 750 is a new addition to the 700 series and has been developed from the ground up. With it, Mission promises to deliver the best of its larger models in a compact format.

When we say “from the ground up,” the speakers are characterised by an inverted placement of the drivers, i.e. the tweeter is at the bottom and the midrange bass at the top. In other words, they look like they’ve been turned upside down, and for good reason.

Photo: Mission

The tweeter is at the bottom

Mission calls it Inverted Geometry Design (IGD), and it’s designed to ensure that the sound waves from the tweeter and midwoofer meet perfectly at the listener’s head. This improves the time accuracy between the two, but it also requires precise calculations and a carefully designed crossover design to achieve a good result.

The enclosure consists of multiple layers of high density fibreboard (HDF) glued together for increased rigidity and good acoustic properties.

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Photo: Mission

The result of a lot of listening

The newly developed drivers, a 5.25-inch polypropylene midrange driver and a 28 mm microfibre tweeter, are the result of hundreds of hours of listening and computer-assisted fine-tuning. Together, they create a sound experience that exceeds expectations for a speaker of this size. At least according to the manufacturer.

Choose between a walnut or black oak finish. The iconic white faceplate is a matter of taste, but it certainly leaves no doubt that this is a Mission speaker.

MISSION-750-Walnut-Lifestyle 3
Photo: Mission

Mission 750: Price and availability

The Mission 750 will be available in April for €1,199.

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