Mission 770 is revived – in England

Mission 770 is back. And so is Mission speaker production on English soil.

written by / 2022-03-22 - 10:20 am
Mission 770 is revived – in England

One of the classics of English loudspeaker history, the Mission 770, is back. The design originally dates from 1978, but is now back in production. Not only that, but the Mission is once again being built on English soil. IAG (International Audio Group), which today owns Mission, has chosen to locate production in Huntingdon, England, where Mission speakers were originally built.

IAG already had its development department in Huntingdon, but has now expanded with an 9000 square foot loudspeaker factory. Mission moved production to Asia many years ago to save money. But at a time of corona shutdowns, high fuel prices and Brexit, it has suddenly become attractive to move production back home to the UK.

770 Light BG Artistic 22
Mission 770 is one of the classics. And now it’s available again. (Photo: IAG)

The recreated Mission 770 looks like its 44-year-old predecessor, with an 8″ woofer with a milky polypropylene diaphragm and 28 mm tweeter dome, but is of course updated with modern components from top to bottom. The cabinet, which has the familiar white front, is available in walnut veneer and black. Stands are included in the price, which is £3,500 for a pair.

We’ll be back with a review.


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