Klipsch The Sevens and The Nines are out now

Fancy wireless speakers with power? Klipsch The Sevens and The Nines should rock the house.

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Klipsch The Sevens and The Nines are out now

Make way for Klipsch – here come The Sevens and The Nines!

Klipsch The-Sevens-Top-View-Knobs-scaled
Photo: Klipsch

Klipsch has never been one for fluffy speakers. For them, dynamics are everything – that’s where the life in the music is, and you have to be able to play realistically loud without the sound collapsing. That’s why Klipsch is behind some of the loudest speakers we know of, while still maintaining high quality sound.

The speaker manufacturer has been going since the 1940s and has preserved its Heritage series of speaker models as a recognisable retro nod back to its origins. Heresy, Cornwall and – not least – the formidable Klipschorn are all examples of true vintage models that still exist. Admittedly in updated versions.

Gradually, completely new loudspeaker models have also been added, inspired by the Heritage series. For example, you wouldn’t think that the wireless models The Fives and The Sixes had all the latest technology on the inside when you look at them. We’re talking timber and a retro look. That’s exactly what’s so cool about them!

Now the two latest models, the large The Sevens and the even larger The Nines, have finally arrived in stores.

Klipsch The Nines. (Photo: Klipsch)

Klipsch The Sevens

The Sevens features a 6.5-inch woofer in a compact wooden cabinet, with a Tractrix horn tweeter on top. With Bluetooth, HDMI, digital inputs and turntable connectivity, The Sevens is really a complete stereo system where you can listen to your favourite music on Spotify and Tidal, and even connect your TV for much better sound on movies and TV shows.

Each driver unit has its own amplifier, so the woofer is powered by 80 watts, while the tweeter gets 20. That’s a total of 100 watts per speaker, and the speakers can deliver a sound pressure level of up to 112 dB. That’s loud! When you play lower, the dynamic EQ can boost the bass to simulate a bigger speaker.

You won’t get true deep bass though, this rolls off at 39 Hz. If you want deeper, the speakers can be extended with an active subwoofer.

Klipsch The-Sevens-Beside-Loft-Modern-Desk-2-scaled
Klipsch The Sevens. (Photo: Klipsch)

Klipsch The Nines

The biggest one is called The Nines. Here, the size of both the cabinets and subwoofers have been increased, so we’re dealing with respectable 8-inch drivers.

The functionality is the same as The Sevens, with digital connections, HDMI, turntable input and Bluetooth. But you get more power, with 20 extra watts for the woofers compared to The Sevens. A total of 120 watts for each speaker.

The Nines has an high efficiency Tractrix tweeter, and also extra boost in the bass from an 8-inch. 115 dB total sound pressure you can get here, and the bass goes down to 34 Hz. As with the Sevens, the dynamic EQ can provide extra rich bass at low sound pressure levels, but true deep bass requires a subwoofer.

Klipsch The-Nines-Walnut-app-scaled
Klipsch The Sevens and The Nines are controlled with an app. (Photo: Klipsch)

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