Closing the gaps in the Scansonic L-series

The affordable Scansonic L-series has new members. Now you can fill your entire living room with rich sound, whether you're into stereo or home cinema.

By / 24 December 2023 - 8:00 am
Closing the gaps in the Scansonic L-series

The Scansonic L-series speakers are designed to provide the best possible sound quality at a very reasonable price. This from a company that is also behind some of the most expensive speakers we know of, Raidho.

The L-series already had three floorstanding models on the menu, as well as some compact models, a nice centre speaker and an 8-inch subwoofer. The new speakers in the series fulfil the needs of those who want larger speakers.

These are the powerful L-20 floorstanding speaker, the accompanying active L-12 SUB subwoofer and the capable but still fairly compact L-10 centre speaker.

Scansonic L-20
Photo: Scansonic

Scansonic L-20: Fills the room

The tall L-20 takes up quite a lot of space, but promises a rich and dynamic sound down to 35 Hz – without a subwoofer. You get three 6.5-inch woofers in addition to a dedicated midrange and tweeter. It’s all controlled by a 3-way crossover.

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The slim speakers in Scansonic's Q series will provide maximum sound from a minimum of size. With technology from their much more expensive relatives.

If Scansonic themselves are to be trusted, the result is a great sound experience whether you’re playing music or watching a film. The neutral reproduction should be just as suitable for music enthusiasts as it is for film fans.

Scansonic L-12
Photo: Scansonic

Scansonic L-12 SUB: More pressure in the bass

Are you missing a little punch in your sound? Here comes the L-12 SUB with its 30 cm woofer. With a bass that extends all the way down to 25 Hz.

Where other manufacturers use a cheap class D amplifier in their subwoofers to maximise power at the lowest possible price, Scansonic swears by class AB amplification. The sound is so much better, they believe, that they don’t want to cut corners when it comes to sound pressure.

With its long excursion and 200 watts of RMS power, the L-12 SUB should deliver a controlled and precise bass that complements the rest of the L-20’s frequency range. The MDF cabinet has an extra 15 mm faceplate to reduce unwanted vibrations and resonances.

Scansonic L-10
Photo: Scansonic

Scansonic L-10: Discrete centre voice

If you’re building a surround system, you need a good centre speaker. The Scansonic L-10 is designed to blend in perfectly with the other L models, with the same 1-inch tweeter and two 5.25-inch midrange drivers. Unlike the more compact L-6, which uses two 4.5-inch drivers.

The design of the L-10 is compact enough to be placed under the TV, but with enough internal volume to work in larger home theatre setups. The emphasis is on clear dialogue and effects, and the design naturally matches the rest of the range.

Scansonic L-20, L12 SUB and L-10: Prices and availability

Products are available now and prices are as follows:

  • Scansonic L-20  1.995 EUR / pair
  • Scansonic L-12 SUB  1.350 EUR / pc.
  • Scansonic L-10  450 EUR / pc.

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