B&O Atelier Edition in auroral colors

Beoplay EX Atelier Edition Northern Sky Turquoise

The seventh edition of Bang & Olufsen's Ateler series features colors of the Nordic night sky.

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Beoplay EX Atelier Edition Northern Sky Turquoise

Bang & Olufsen has released the seventh edition of their Atelier Edition, which they have dubbed “Northern Sky Turquoise.”

For anyone not familiar with the Atelier models, these are special editions of existing models that are only made in very limited numbers and for a very short period of time. So if you want one, it’s now or never.

The special edition Besound 2 is hand-dipped in a color bath, controlled by a metronome. (Photo: Bang & Olufsen)

Just like several times before, it’s the Beoplay EX earbuds and the Beosound 2 speaker that have been given the special treatment. Beosound 2 has a gradient color that goes from an icy blue to a deeper sky blue. And according to Bang & Olufsen, this is achieved with a metronome.

One by one, each Beosound 2 is carefully anodized using a method where the aluminum piece is slowly dipped upside down into the turquoise dye bath. The speed at which the operator dips the piece gradually increases in the rhythm of a metronome as it is immersed deeper into the color bath, ensuring a high saturation at the top and a subtle finish at the bottom,” says Christian Bauers, Director of Bang & Olufsen Atelier.

Price and availability

Apart from the color, the Atelier products are identical to the normal versions. But being unique comes at a price.

Beoplay EX normally costs £349, while you’ll have to pay £599 to become the owner of one of just 100 sets in the Northern Sky Turquoise variant.

Beosound 2 3rd Gen Atelier Northern Sky Turquoise costs £4,699 for one of just 48 copies. The normal edition, available all year round, costs £2,649.

Beoplay EX Atelier Edition Northern Sky Turquoise. (Foto: Bang & Olufsen)


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