Beoplay EX Atelier Edition is bespoke B&O

If you want Bang & Olufsen headphones that don't look like everyone else's, you can now buy (almost) unique special editions.

written by / 2023-02-09 - 12:00 pm
Beoplay EX Atelier Edition is bespoke B&O

Bang & Olufsen is known for their exclusive products with exquisite finish and build quality. And although the luxury costs a little extra, the Beoplay range in particular has been a huge sales success.

Now Bang & Olufsen’s Struer design studio is giving a helping hand to those who think it’s a little too prole to have exactly the same unique style as everyone else: Beoplay EX Atelier Edition are “bespoke” versions of the popular Beoplay EX wireless earbuds.

The series is made to order in limited quantities. And the Lime Green color will be the first launch in the Atelier Editions.

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More and more customers want world-class craftsmanship and tailor-made products. They don’t want mass production, but instead something unique and very personal. These products will only be made to order in an extremely limited number and will therefore be limited editions,” says CEO Kristian Teär from Bang & Olfusen.

Exactly how few copies will be made of the lime green variant is not disclosed, but they can be reserved right now at for a suggested retail price of €699. That’s €300 more than the “mass market” version, which is available in red, black gold and anthracite.

Beoplay EX 0087 Limited Edition February 2023 Beoplay EX 0088 Limited Edition February 2023
The Beoplay EX Atelier Edition is identical to the normal edition, but in an exquisite lime green colour. (Photo: Bang & Olufsen)

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