Atalante 4 is the sleek member of the family

Revival Audio caused a bit of a stir with their debut models, the Atalante 3 and Atalante 5. Now they've created a floor-standing middle model.

By / 17 February 2024 - 9:00 am
Atalante 4 is the sleek member of the family

French company Revival Audio impressed us when they launched the Atalante 3 compact speaker and the full-sized Atalante 5 stand-mount speaker in 2022. Sure, they weren’t the cheapest, but the craftsmanship was top-notch – and so was the sound.

Now Revival Audio has made a middle model, called the Atalante 4, of course, but with slightly different variations on the theme.

Firstly, it’s a floorstanding speaker. This allows for relatively deep bass reproduction even though the cabinet is narrow, as there is no “waste” of air volume for a stand.

Secondly, the slim format means that the Atalante 4 has two woofers instead of one. As far as we can tell, it’s the same seven-inch driver as in the Atalante 3. The tweeter is also the same as in the other two models, while a new 5.25″ midrange driver is used in between the two. The Atalante 3 had no problems functioning as a two-way, but this can only get even better.

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Revival Audio is a new French brand, but the people behind it are experienced and with roots in well-known brands. You can certainly hear that!

The cone on the woofers and midrange is made of woven basalt fibres in a sandwich construction. The speaker measures 120 cm in height and 35 cm in width, so it requires a little more space than the picture suggests. Revival Audio recommends it for rooms of 30 to 60 square metres and with amplifiers up to 200 watts.
The Revival Audio Atalante 4 costs €3,890 for a set.

The entire Atalante family. (Photo: Revival Audio)

More info: Revival Audio

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