Noise-free conversation and free VPN

Pixel phones get AI-enhanced call audio, chat translation and free VPN.

written by / 2022-12-08 - 8:11 am
Noise-free conversation and free VPN

The Google Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 phones are getting a big update these days, with a number of exciting new features.

When the Pixel 7 phones launched with a bang two months ago, on October 6, a number of innovative features were initially conspicuous by their absence.

They weren’t bad phones by any means – in fact, the Pixel 7 Pro won our award for best premium smartphone of the year – but some of the most interesting AI-powered features initially remained promises of the future.

Part of those promises are now being fulfilled. These days, two major updates are rolling out for the Pixel 7 phones, bringing brand new features.

For those who actually use their phone to talk, the Clear Calls feature is here. With the help of artificial intelligence, it reduces background noise from traffic, for example, and highlights the voice of the person you’re talking to, making the sound clearer during calls.

Security Centre brings security features together in one menu, where you can customise protection for your phone, internet accounts and adjust passwords. It’s also possible to get tips for tightening up privacy settings.

VPN by Google One – Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro owners get free access to a VPN service. It provides an extra layer of security and ensures your browsing activity is private when you’re online at the coffee shop or airport, for example.

Live Chat Translate – The feature allows you to translate text in messaging apps into five new languages. So if you have friends in Sweden or Denmark, you’ll be able to find out what they’re actually saying.

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The smallest member of the Pixel family hits the spot.

The updates come in two phases, and you need to be patient when installing them. The largest is a whopping 547 MB, and can easily take more than two hours to install once downloaded!

And it doesn’t stop there. The Pixel Buds Pro earbuds will soon get spatial audio with head tracking, meaning the sound image will stay in front of you in space even if you turn your head. Just like on the then groundbreaking Audeze Mobius. But that feature won’t arrive until January 23, when the next feature rollout takes place.

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