Nokia for the nostalgic

If you never had the perfect highscore in Snake on the Nokia 6310, you now get the chance again.

Published 2021-07-30 - 6:00 am

The name Nokia alone evokes nostalgic memories in those of us who bought our first mobiles in the 90s. Which, of course, were Nokias.

As the same group is getting so old that finger-friendly buttons and READABLE TEXT are needed, Nokia has chosen to fulfill both the dreams and the needs at once – by relaunching one of the classics, the Nokia 6310. The original version came in 2001, and the new edition is true to the model, albeit with a slight facelift. And who can not need a facelift in that age?

This is far from the first time N0kia has played on nostalgia by relaunching old models. Most recently, it was the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000.

The press release describes the renewed Nokia 6310 as a “feature phone.” If so, these are selected features as it is completely devoid of smart features. It will neither run apps nor entertain you with YouTube (it would also be a nightmare on a 2.8 “screen). If you want entertainment, there is FM radio, MP3 player and – most importantly – the game Snake .

Genuine Nokia nostalgia. Nokia 6310 is back. It can not run apps, but it has Snake! (Photo: Nokia)

The rear camera of 0.3 megapixels ensures the true retro feel with small and grainy images. And of course there is no selfie camera. You know how your face looks – no need to brag about it!

Just like then, battery life should not be measured in hours, but in weeks!

Nokia 6310 will cost around GBP 60.


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